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Game Testing at Indium Software - Case Study

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  • The asset baseThe experience levelCost competitiveness

    Some of the qualities the publisher for included:

    Indiums game testing proved to be the right fit for the client because of our experience in testing across devices.

    We were able to perform testing on:

    Our testing lab houses mobile devices and Tablets of all kinds Android, iOS, Windows and Amazon KindleWe also have gaming PCs & Laptops to support game titlesWe have experienced personnel, averaging 12 years of experience in game testing.


    The client had attempted to create an in-house testing team but faced certain hurdles:

    The ideal solution was to look for a testing partner with its own asset base to outsource quality assurance to.

    Games need to be tested on the right devices for accurate quality assurance. For this, the client needed to invest in the devices, which would become redundant after the game was released.The second challenge was to hire key, experienced QA personnel, which added to the costs.Assets also add to overhead costs, an additional drain on the finances of the publishing company.In-house testing would dilute the focus of the company from publishing to managing the testing assets


    A leading global firm based in the US was developing a software tool for workforce management, employee attendance marking, collecting labour data and generating attendance summary of a large workforce. The software was developed using .NET technologies and AJAX and Oracle 10G was the database used.

    TheThe client was scouting around for the right testing partner, one who had the capability to manage the testing process at rapid speed, without sacrificing quality. Importantly, the QA team at the client site wanted a 100% automation-driven testing process, to reduce time-to-release, for every build. Also, the project needed handling of multiple data sets for a highly data intensive application.


    Reliability, quality assurance at competitive costs make Indium the ideal testing partner for

    this video games publisher.

    Enhancing Software Quality

  • I cant say enough about how great this team has been. We have had a launch on 4 platforms first geo-locked, and then world-wide. The team has been very adaptive to last minute overtime requests, and have done so cheerfully. They have been integral to a very successful launch (we are number #3 in casino worldwide in Apple store).We also have a 5 star rating in the Apple store. In other words this team is excellent.

    There is nothing they need to improve right now.

    - QA Manager of a billion dollar gaming firm in US



    Defect Management Tool

    JIRA15,000 test cases were developed


    Team size: 80

    Duration: 7 + months


    We at Indium go the extra mile to make sure the projects we undertake are delivered successfully, on time, every time. To ensure this, we equipped ourselves suitably:

    Rapid scalability of resources our team was beefed up from 8 to 80 in two months. This helped us complete the project on time.Infrastructure: We spruced up our infrastructure to suit the needs of the project, thus covering every aspect of testing.Effective Communication: Continuous interaction with the customers and their third party developers helped us gain their confidence and test in real time.SuggestionsSuggestions and Improvements: Based on our vast experience in game testing, we made suggestions to the customer on game design and monetization. This not only got positive feedback, but the suggestions were implemented and enhanced the quality.


    Execution we worked closely with the client right from the alpha stage of the project, then beta, close master, soft launch, global launch and maintenance, updates and patchesShared daily status reportShared weekly status reportTracked a milestone checklistTracked a milestone checklistMaintained an iOS compliance and com-patibility checklist

    We maintained communication with the client, thus retaining their trust and updating them of progress periodically through multiple tiers:

    Chat based Skype, SlackAudio conferencing bridgesVideo conferencing bridgesEmail communicationBug database (JIRA/Mantis)

    Our work was mapped out to include testing for:

    FunctionalityCompatibilityComplianceRegressionsSmokeTest case preparation

    After understanding the requirements for the testing, we invested in:

    Purchase of mobile devicesPurchase of high end PCsNetwork (exclusive leased line, backup network lines)FirewallHiring of full-time resources


    These four steps ensure that the game to be tested is understood well, the test cases prepared, each level tested methodi-cally and the client provided with the right information critical for thev success of the game.

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