Crafting outstanding game experiences through user testing

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How to make a good game? Just what is playtesting? Watch the presentation to learn more about playtesting and why it is crucial if you want to make really great games. This presentation explains the basic principles of playtesting

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2. 2013 Who are we? Rene Rebane UX Architect Graphic designer Test moderator Gamer Marko Nemberg Marketer Technology geek Test moderator Biometrics and neurogaming evangelist 3. 2013 Our experience Interaction design Accessibility User testing User research Prototyping System analysis Design thinking Start-ups Marketing Visual design 4. 2013 Playtesting? Never heard of it! 5. 2013 Todays topics What is playtesting? Why to test? Good time for testing How to test? Whats next? 6. 2013 What is playtesting? 7. 2013 Game design is just hypothetical until its actually been played by your target audience; only then will you know if your idea works. Sid Meier, creator of Civilization seriesSource: 8. 2013 Goal is a fun game Design is hypothesis Playtest is experiment Evaluate results 9. 2013 10. 2013 Source: 11. 2013 Why test? 12. 2013 Why test? To make informed decisions Find out usability problems Players know what is best Understand how players think Reduce risks and unwanted surprises 13. 2013 Competing with any other content out there 14. 2013 Common misconceptions Playtests are not important The players dont know what they want Bug testing is enough Players will probably just ignore the problems It is ok to have some usability and accessibility issues, players wont notice anyway 15. 2013 Accessibility 16. 2013 Colour blindness 285 million people are visually impaired worldwide 39 million are blind and 246 have low vision Up to 10% of men in the world are color blind 1% of women In some regions this percentage is even higher Source: 2012 WHO statistics 17. 2013 Source: 18. 2013 Hearing loss 360 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss Players lose out on video games if information about impending danger is coming only through sound effects or music Never give players information using just one sense audio or visual 19. 2013 Source: 20. 2013 Reduced cognitive and motor functions Over a billion people, about 15% of the worlds population, have some form of disability Between 110 million and 190 million adults have signicant difculties in functioning How can we include players who have limited cognitive or motor functions? 21. 2013 Source: 22. 2013 Good time for testing 23. 2013 Beginning of the project End of the project Possibility of changes 24. 2013 Beginning of the project End of the project Cost of changes 25. 2013 Start playtesting as soon as possible! 26. 2013 Where to find people? 27. 2013 Where to find people? Coffee shops Shopping centres Schools Elders centres Online application 28. 2013 How many tests to conduct? 29. 2013 0 How many tests to conduct? 3 6 9 12 15 0% 50% 100% 75% 25% 30. 2013 One test with eight users First test with eight users Found ve problems 31. 2013 Two tests with three users First test with three users Second test with three users Found nine problems 32. 2013 Testing example 33. 2013 How to analyze? 34. 2013 How to analyze? Write down what happened Why it is unexpected Why it is bad (longer process, wrong element usage) Remember it is not statistics 35. 2013 Next steps What to keep What to change What to test more What to measure later 36. 2013 What next? 37. 2013 Biometrics and Neurogaming 38. 2013 Biometric test methods Biometric game controllers (PS4, Xbox One, Eye Tribe) Galvanic skin response sensors Eye tracking Electroencephalography (dry EEG) 39. 2013 Source: 40. 2013 Q & A 41. Thank you Rene Rebane & Marko Nemberg 2013