engaging social communities - socialmedia conference 2012

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<p>LinkedIn: How to Build Great Personal &amp; Professional Profiles</p> <p>Engaging social communitieswith Shona Mackin</p> <p>juggling</p> <p>Multiple RolesLearning new mediaEverything urgentLooking for quick easy winsMass communicationSimplified user sharingStruggle to keep upDoing small bits of everythingConstant deadlinesHow can I do it all?www.socialface.com.au</p> <p> www.socialface.com.auknow your purpose</p> <p>WHY Social Media for your business?WHAT are you looking to achieve?WHO are you trying to connect with?WHEN are your customers online?HOW are you going to reach them?</p> <p>www.socialface.com.au6 engagement tipsListeninvite people to engageprompt and personal responsesmake it easybe humankeep it real</p> <p>www.socialface.com.auawareAre you ready to engage through mobile?</p> <p>43% of online Australians now own a smart phone</p> <p>92% of mobile social networkers have visited facebook via their phone</p> <p>97% of all engagement producing activity happens in the newsfeed</p> <p>www.socialface.com.aulistenListen to your audience </p> <p>hear what they are saying and post, respond, connect accordingly</p> <p>www.socialface.com.auconnectMake a two way connectionAsk for opinionsPost a poll or results of a surveyAsk open ended questionsSend out thought provoking material, news or informationWeave information across all your social platforms</p> <p>Jump in when the opportunity arises for a conversationCommit once youre in, youre inPay attention and help people feel heard</p> <p>www.socialface.com.augreat contentRelevantValuableInterestingResponsiveNews worthyShareableBe respectful of your readers time.People see thousands of pieces of marketing everyday. Think about what you can do to make your communications count and stand out</p> <p>www.socialface.com.auYoull learn...be timely</p> <p>People are impatientExpectation of an instant responsePromptly and personally acknowledge and respond to posts and feedback20 minutes to catch most people onlineAsk do you like being kept on hold?Social media is a great opportunity to engage in core customer service</p> <p>Timely Response = Greater engagement = more chance of successwww.socialface.com.auDate first, sell secondTake it easyTake the time to nurture the social relationshipBuild trustSocial media is a long term investmentAsk about them and careSoftly, softly approachSell like a ninja</p> <p>AVA Always Add ValueWIIFM Whats in it for me/them?</p> <p>www.socialface.com.aushare</p> <p>Give more, Get moreShare relevant, interesting informationwww.socialface.com.auWho are your page friends?</p> <p>NetworkGet to know whos activeShare the loveAlign with partners and clientsShare interesting and relevant contentSay thank you to people who engage with you www.socialface.com.auInvite people to shareAsk people to get involved in group discussions like linkedinFinish blogs with a questionInvite people to share their opinionsAsk opinions on Linkedin, Qwora or Survey Monkey and share your findingsRespond to negative posts in an open, non emotive manner</p> <p>Create company policy guidelinesLet people know you are human attribute posts to an individual if you have a few people involved</p> <p>www.socialface.com.aualgorithms</p> <p>Using a 3rd party auto posting tool, can have a negative effect on your social efforts on some platforms.Leverage where you can, know how to play the systemwww.socialface.com.auinterested lists</p> <p>www.socialface.com.aufind your potential reach</p> <p>Use the tools available to discover how many people in your niche interest areawww.socialface.com.auuse your insights</p> <p>Whats interesting to your target demographic?www.socialface.com.aufocusDisciplineGet inDo the jobGet out</p> <p>www.socialface.com.au20min planSet an alarm or pick a couple of your favorite songs and do as much as you can before they finishAutomate what you can with out messing with your edgerank score - set up Facebook to push to your Twitter PagePlan ahead Be organisedHave copy and images ready to goPre-write posts to get aheadRespond where requiredNetwork with key page friends like, comment and sharewww.socialface.com.auToolsDo.comDropboxEvernoteiDisplayNimble.comManage FlitterTwilerts and Google AlertsSprout SocialHootsuite</p> <p>www.socialface.com.austats</p> <p>SOURCE: http://www.socialbakers.com/SOURCE: http://www.digitalbuzzblog.com/infographic-1-billion-facebook-users/ www.socialface.com.auTake homesStay Current, post regularlyIts a Marathon not a sprintInvite people to get involvedRespond promptly and personallyMake it easy to engage, are you mobile friendly?Stay on top on changes to the platform and algorithmsBe interesting and keep it realwww.socialface.com.auSocialfaceSocialface manages your social media and community engagement. </p> <p>You get your time back to focus on what YOU do best </p> <p>www.socialface.com.au</p> <p>www.socialface.com.au</p> <p>Wed love to join your team,</p> <p>Lets Chatwww.socialface.com.au</p> <p> chat@socialface.com.auwww.socialface.com.au 1300 76 46 36www.socialface.com.au</p>