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Facebook page is for your business, services, or organizations because you engage with your audience and it can grows by posting regularly. Here is a step by step Basic tutorial that will surely help you to get started. Very logical and no technical words used. It is a tool that every virtual people need to know.


  • How to create a Facebook Page"
  • Go to https:// www.facebook.com/ pages/create.php "
  • choose"
  • choose what category"
  • click agree and get started"
  • set up now your page"
  • add prole picture"
  • prole pic now already set"
  • click next"
  • Congratulations!"
  • start posting now on your newly created Facebook page"
  • About Facebook Timeline"
  • This is your Timeline"
  • another"
  • and another"
  • This is the Cover Page"
  • Dimension size: 851pixels"
  • by 315pixels"
  • What is a Pixels?"
  • A pixel is a dot"
  • when you put together, forms an image ~ by http://www.lipinova.com/!
  • Facebook Rules:"
  • Do not use calls to action"
  • like: Get it now Buy now"
  • No price or purchase information"
  • like: 100% off Contact us at email us download it on"
  • This is the prole picture"
  • size: 180 pixels"
  • by 180 pixels"
  • These are tabs/apps"
  • Tabs were like putting website on your Facebook page " ~ by http://www.lipinova.com/
  • size for Thumbnail image"
  • 111 pixels"
  • by 74 pixels"
  • if you want to mark a signicant event in you business"
  • you can add a milestone"
  • Click Offer, Event +"
  • Choose Milestone"
  • Enter your details"
  • before you choose your photo"
  • Milestone photos size:"
  • 843 pixels"
  • by 403 pixels"
  • choose a photo"
  • Click Save"
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  • Thank you"