Digital Agenda Strategy Team Meeting

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Inaugural strategy team meeting exploring the opportunity, collaboration possibilities and possible results.

Text of Digital Agenda Strategy Team Meeting

Executive Presentation

Inaugural Digital Agenda 2012 Preparation Meeting Copyright Digital Agenda _______________________________________________________________________________1

27 Countries500 Million Population20 Million CompaniesVery strong Mid Market

Copyright Digital Agenda _______________________________________________________________________________Meeting AgendaThe EU Commission objective for the Digital Agenda 2012

Quick introduction to the overall project

Social Media strategy development methodology

Project overview - timeline, resources, objectives, measurement

Team definition and objective for phase I (Assessment)


Copyright Digital Agenda _______________________________________________________________________________Workshop Objective:Address the three perspectives of the social media economy: businesses, web entrepreneurship with job creation potential and public sector.

Copyright 2012 Copyright Digital Agenda _______________________________________________________________________________SummaryThe EU Commission is spending Billions in the Digital Agenda ProjectSocial Media is one of 8 projectsI was invited to speak about Social Media, and now engage in strategy development.Isidro Laso is the official officer of the Digital Agenda Europe for the Social Media SideAssembling a group of smart social media people who initially volunteer on the strategy developmentWith the support of the EU Commission we are collectively trying to empower millions of businesses in the EUWhile volunteering today I guess we can all participate in quite some significant business uptake on the social media front

Copyright Digital Agenda _______________________________________________________________________________Social Media Development

Copyright 2012 Copyright Digital Agenda _______________________________________________________________________________68 years Social Media2003 LinkedIn opens their doors2004 Facebook goes online2006 Twitter starts as internal pet project2008 Presidential campaign with Obama

2009 Borders between personal and business usage becomes very blurryBusinesses and news stationen promote their social media presence2010 the year of social media for business First $100 Million investments with SM2011 User generated content beats corp. Content - Fear of bad feedback replaced by fear of being ignored2012 Highly strategic global engagement politically and economically

Copyright Digital Agenda _______________________________________________________________________________7Social Media Landscape EuropeCountryFacebook UserChange( %)Pen.registred Biz 2009Italy21,618,760+321 3601.51%37.22%3,889,543Spain16,314,500+686 1804.39%35.08%2,392,652France24,260,560+660 8202.80%37.46%2,193,030Germany23,522,500+921 8404.08%28.59%2,057,268United Kingdom30,783,600+534 2601.77%49.37%1,666,947Poland8,293,660+486 1806.23%21.56%1,445,455Czech Republic3,613,240+61 1601.72%35.42%907,280Greece3,698,360+51 7401.42%34.40%833,233Portugal4,342,380+138 6603.30%40.45%745,935Netherlands6,460,880+488 5208.18%38.50%617,807Sweden4,662,780+90 5801.98%51.39%591,875Hungary3,965,100+86 6402.23%39.68%555,947Romania4,690,680+284 1006.45%21.36%495,228Belgium4,647,920+133 9802.97%44.59%478,627Austria2,782,880+75 9202.80%33.88%290,686Bulgaria2,314,660-17 280-0.74%32.38%276,717Finland2,138,380+54 3002.61%40.69%224,595Ireland2,114,520+29 3601.41%45.74%168,342Lithuania1,034,460+26 1202.59%29.18%113,059Slovenia685,280-200-0.03%34.21%111,835Latvia345,420+17 4805.33%15.57%78,281Slovakia1,909,080-24 120-1.25%34.90%62,497Estonia460,300+3 7000.81%35.65%50,600Cyprus554,860+32 0406.13%50.32%47,545Luxembourg211,460+19 70010.27%42.50%27,288Malta200,480+4 6802.39%49.29%27,288Denmark2,837,520+23 1400.82%51.45%Total178,464,22020,349,560 Copyright Digital Agenda _______________________________________________________________________________Proposal:Creating a pan European Social Media Strategy to stimulate small and medium size businesses and innovative start-ups across the EU leveraging social media to create a sustainable growth, additional jobs and being able to compete in a global market. Specifically we want to double the number of businesses, actively engaged in social media who created new jobs, year over year till 2016. Copyright 2012 Copyright Digital Agenda _______________________________________________________________________________Social Media Strategy Development Methodology Copyright 2012 Copyright Digital Agenda _______________________________________________________________________________Methodical Social Media ApproachAssessing the situation before the final goals for the social media strategy are agreed on Understanding the real needs and issues in the EU in regards to business development Abstracting Social Media relevant sentiments

Developing a pan European SWOT Analysis

Strategy development leveraging the Social Media Strategy Hexagon

Program Development, Resources, Budgets

Execution Execution - Execution

Copyright Digital Agenda _______________________________________________________________________________Methodology OverviewFour Quadrant Assessment MethodologyCustomer, Brand, Partner, Competition

NCP ModelNetwork Contribution Participation

Strategy HexagonGoal, Mission, Benefit, Action, Program, Report

Social Media Planning FrameworkProfessional execution model of goal oriented social media programs

Organization ModelA Social Media Service Architecture

Social Media ROI How to deal with it how to calculate an ROI

Copyright Digital Agenda _______________________________________________________________________________Social Media Strategy Part 1Within 6 weeks:AssessmentFour quadrant assessment model

Assesing the state of the union within each participating country from a users point of viewEU presence in that countrySocial presence of businesses within the respective countryCompeting Nations

Initiating Strategy Development at EU Commission Meeting in June in Brussels

Copyright Digital Agenda _______________________________________________________________________________Team Assembly Copyright 2012 Copyright Digital Agenda _______________________________________________________________________________We need lots of smart people Social Media StrategistsFor each participating country, contributing to the overall strategy development and guiding the executionBackup Strategist8 Experienced Social Media Practitioner for each participating countryHelping with the initial assessmentWorking on program developmentCommunicating with local social media manager, community manager and other social media groupsEngaging with the local chamber of commerceWorking on Buzz Campaigns locally and on pan European levelAll together by June 8 ;)

Copyright Digital Agenda _______________________________________________________________________________ParticipationPlease decide if you have the bandwidth and skills to join this journey

We will run a short survey in the next 24 hours well let you knowPlease contact me any time

Copyright 2012 Copyright Digital Agenda _______________________________________________________________________________Discussion Copyright 2012 Copyright Digital Agenda _______________________________________________________________________________Thank You+1 (650) 384-0057+49 (39) 2023-8748

Digital Agenda Europe Page and Group

@AxelS #da12social

All social presences: Copyright Digital Agenda _______________________________________________________________________________18Thank you

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