Match Scouting Tutorial 2015 By Team 1403’s Strategy Team

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Text of Match Scouting Tutorial 2015 By Team 1403’s Strategy Team

Match Scouting Tutorial 2015

Match Scouting Tutorial 2015By Team 1403s Strategy Team

Tablet Care, Rotation, and BasicsTablet CareDo not put near liquids or food because they are expensive!Do not drop/throw tabletsBe gentle when handling the tablets Hold the tablet with two handsDO NOT download any other apps or games or alter the settings

Tablet RotationAfter your set of matches ends, hand the tablet to the person assigned to scout the next set of matches with that tabletIf you dont find that person, notify a strategy memberThere is always a strategy member assigned to match scouting control. Notify them if the battery is low ( Number of Totes contained in Robot (integer)Interaction with Recycling ContainersCHECK ALL THAT APPLYPicks up from staging zone (area near player station)Picks up from step (in middle of arena)Interaction with LitterCHECK ALL THAT APPLYFrom groundFrom human player stationPlows to landfill (pushes to in front of step)Picks up Stacking Stacking Strategy-CHECK ALL THAT APPLYFrom bottom (insert totes under stack)From top (stack the tote on top)None (does not contain stacks of totes)

ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS:What level can they stack to? (how many totes high?)Totes scored on stack of how many totes? (highest # of totes in preexisting stack robot can add to)Recycling container scored on stack of how many totes? (highest # of totes robot can add to a recycling container to)

Cycling and Subjective QuestionsCycle First cycle starts when autonomous ends and telop begins.Cycle ends when a robot scores any points. points a robot can score in teleop are by scoring totes, recycling containers, or litterThe number of points scored does not matter: a cycle can consist of one tote or sixCheck cycle # and fill out set of questions for each cycleGeneral QuestionsAcceleration(speed--how quickly robot can change its speed): fast, average, or slow.Mobility of the robot: good, medium, or poor.Drivers ability: good, medium, or poor.Human player ability: good, medium, or poor.

ActionsDid it knock over a stack(s)?Did it tip over? If it tipped over, did become upright again?Was the robot dead or malfunctioning during the match?Did it recover from its malfunction or death?CommentsWrite down any unique traits or anything you think cant be seen through the data collected but is important for us to know