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Cisco and NetApp Confidential. For Internal Use Only. Do Not Distribute. Datacenter Convergente: Arquitetura FlexPod Fernando Chevitarese NetApp Rodrigo Rezende Cisco FlexPod ®

DataCenter Convergente: Arquitetura Flexpod | Encontro de Cios Forceone 13/04/2014

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  • 1. Cisco and NetApp Confidential. For Internal Use Only. Do Not Distribute. Datacenter Convergente: Arquitetura FlexPod Fernando Chevitarese NetApp Rodrigo Rezende Cisco FlexPod

2. FlexPod Agenda Solues de Datacenter Cisco Armazanamento Inteligente NetApp Arquitetura FlexPod Achieve Business Goals with a Modern IT Infrastructure 3. Insert solution name or remove from master Solues de Datacenter Cisco 3Cisco and NetApp Confidential. For Internal Use Only. Do Not Distribute. 4. FlexPod Cisco Unified Computing System Fastest Growing Product in the Market 30,000+ UNIQUE UCS CUSTOMERS2 Top 5 Server Vendor1 90 World Record Performance Benchmarks to Date 3,600+ UCS CHANNEL PARTNERS #2 WW Market Share in x86 Blades1 More Than 75%of All Fortune 500 Customers Have Invested in UCS $2B+ UCS Annualized Revenue Run Rate2 1IDC Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker, Q413, February 2014, Revenue Share 2As of Cisco Q3FY13 earnings results 5. FlexPod Customers Have Spoken Maintained #2 in Americas (28.7%), #2 in North America (29.9%), and #2 in the US (30.4%)1 UCS x86 Blade servers revenue grew 46% Y/Y in Q3CY131 Worldwide Maintained #2 worldwide in x86 Blades with 22.0% UCS momentum is fueled by game- changing innovation; Cisco is quickly passing established players UCS #2 in Only 4 Years X86ServerBladeMarketShare, Q3CY131 UCS #2 with 22.6% 1IDC Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker, Q313, December 2013, Revenue Share UCS #2 with 30.2% Americas 6. FlexPod UCS Cabling: Radical Simplification Ad hoc and inconsistent Structured, but siloed, complicated Simplified Traditional Rack Traditional Blade Cisco UCS 7. FlexPod UCS Management Reduced time to deploy new apps Reallocate resources quickly and efficiently Reduced infrastructure Cohesive resource pools Unified Fabric Compute With NO Compromise Blade and rack servers in a single UCS managed domain Physical and virtual workloads Virtualized I/O Improved scalability and flexibility Increased performance Unified Computing Product Innovation Innovation to Improve Applications XML API STANDARD APIs 8. FlexPod A Soluo 9. FlexPod Sources: Cisco UCS Changing the Economics of the Datacenter, Customer Case Studies, Cisco UCS Performance Benchmarks Cisco UCS Customer Benefits UCS Market Traction Benefcios 10. FlexPod $168,013 $980,564 $235,557 $284,911 $52,704 $1,690,930 $0 $500.000 $1.000.000 $1.500.000 $2.000.000 $2.500.000 $3.000.000 $3.500.000 TraditionalSolution UCSSolution Server Virtualization: 100 Rack Servers Ethernet and FC Switching and Cabling Provisioning and Administration Systems Management SW Server HW and Warranty Power and Cooling Comparison of HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8 vs. Cisco UCS C240 M3 3-year lifecycle Each server as two Intel Xeon E5-2665 processors, 256GB memory, and 24 1TB 7.2K 6G SAS HDD Networking compares HP with 10Gb Ethernet vs. Cisco VIC 1225 dual port 10Gb and corresponding switches 3-year TCO; pricing as of October 18, 2012 50% per Node Savings 11. FlexPod 11Cisco and NetApp Confidential. For Internal Use Only. Do Not Distribute. Armazenamento Inteligente NetApp 12. FlexPod All-Flash Arrays Flash only Traditional Array HDD only Server Cache Hybrid Array Flash + HDD NetApp Portfolio Fusion IO Flash Cache Flash Pool SSD Cache FAS Series E Series EF-Series FlashRay Complete Portfolio of Offerings for Any Workload More than 50 Petabytes of Flash deployed; accelerating over 3 Exabytes of storage. All Flash FAS 13. FlexPod IDC Storage Platform Market Share Source: IDC, March 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 7,000 PB EMC Symm NetApp E-Series EMC Clariion EMC Celerra Dell EQL NetApp FAS HDS AMS EMC VNX HP LeftH IBM XIV HP EVA HP 3Par EMC Isilon Dell Cmplt HDS USPV 6,000 PB 5,000 PB 4,000 PB 3,000 PB 2,000 PB 1,000 PB 0 PB 8,000 PB 14. FlexPod NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP 14NetApp Confidential Limited Use Scale Out Application View: One storage system Multiple containers Multiprotocol access File and Block Application View: Multiple systems Multiple containers Scale Up The evolution of proven NetApp technology Enterprise nondisruptive operations The foundation for agile data infrastructure Shipping since September 2009 Achieved zero downtime over 48 months and counting with the NetApp cluster. University of Georgia 15. FlexPod ONTAP Platform: Designed for Efficiency 15 Low-cost components SATA drives RAID-DP Flash Cache Data reduction Dedupe Compression Thin Replication Increased utilization Unified architecture Thin Provisioning Fewer full copies FlexClone Deduped backup Data Growth Storage Snapshot Technology SATA/ RAID-DP Thin Provisioning Cloning Compression Deduplication Flash Cache $ NetApp Confidential Limited Use 16. FlexPod Virtual Volume Copies: FlexClone 6TB Database 30TB Storage 5 full copies Without FlexClone Production Storage Test and Dev Storage 6TB Database With FlexClone 8TB Storage 1 copy, 4 clones Production Storage Test and Dev Storage 16 FlexClone creates temporary, writable, and instantaneous copies of data sets Creates a virtual clone copy of the primary data set and stores only changes Reduces application dev/test costs by as much as 80% Helps customers avoid making an average of 14 copies of production data 17. FlexPod Deduplication Pervasive Deduplication 20:1 reduction in secondary 30-50% reduction in primary Capability, not a platform Before After 18. FlexPod NetApp Deduplication Removes redundant data blocks from volumes, regardless of application or protocol Established market leader with 70,000+ licenses and one exabyte worth of data being deduplicated Users often recoup 50% or more of their capacity Only NetApp offers deduplication for primary, secondary, and archival storage tiers Deduplication Savings 19. FlexPod Many virtual machine images are 100% identical Traditional Enterprise RAID ArraysNetApp FAS System NetApp eliminates duplicate data Efficiency Through Deduplication Over 1 Exabyte of storage eliminated with dedupe 19 20. FlexPod Leadership in Virtual Environments Solutions Excellence Guaranteed Efficiency Customer Success 240% growth in NetApps VMware solutions business Thousands of joint VMware/NetApp customers Maximize customer results with deep vendor alliances; joint development, services, and support 21. FlexPod 21Cisco and NetApp Confidential. For Internal Use Only. Do Not Distribute. Arquitetura FlexPod 22. FlexPod FlexPod Data Center Platform Prevalidated, Flexible Unified Architecture Features Standard, prevalidated, best-in-class converged platform: Virtualized and nonvirtualized environments Flexible: One platform scales up or out to fit many mixed workloads: Add applications and workload Benefits Flexibility: Future-proof platform to meet todays challenges and scale for future needs Built-in data center efficiencies: Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with simplified deployments and rapid provisioning of resources Reduce risk: Prevalidated architecture with prescriptive sizing and design guides Cisco and NetApp Confidential. For Internal Use Only. Do Not Distribute. 22 Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Servers (and/or C-Series Rack Mount) and Cisco UCS Manager Cisco Nexus Family Switches NetApp FAS OnCommand Software Suite 10GE and FCoE 23. FlexPod Future-Proof, Validated FlexPod Meeting Needs of Today and Tomorrow in One Platform Develop and Test Starting Out Data Protection and Backup More computing and less storage Less computing and more storage Deploy entry system, then scale up VDI Higher performance blades and more input/output operations per second (IOPS) IOPS CPU Capacity Memory Production Balanced Infrastructure Cisco and NetApp Confidential. For Internal Use Only. Do Not Distribute. 23 FlexPod 24. FlexPod Scale Out with FlexPod Repeatable, Consistent Deployments Increased performance and capacity Scale out with standard and proven configurations: Predictable and highly efficient: Capacity and performance Floor space, power, and cooling Benefits: Reduce effort for architecture, design, deployment, and testing Reduce infrastructure deployment cycle time by up to 50% Manage pools consisting of storage, compute, and networking resources, not individual systems Cisco and NetApp Confidential. For Internal Use Only. Do Not Distribute. 24 25. FlexPod > 50% Faster Many Weeks or Months FlexPod Helps IT Accelerate the Business Service Request Design and Size DC Planning Procure Detailed Design Deploy Test Service Available Traditional With FlexPod Reference BoM Validated design Precise deployment Standard test plan DC Planning Procure Deploy Test Preprovisioned FlexPod Rapid deployment of applications Shared pools meet most requirements Service Available X X DC Planning Procure Deploy Test Service Available Benefits Agile service delivery Higher productivity Faster deployment Higher quality Simpler planning Cisco and NetApp Confidential. For Internal Use Only. Do Not Distribute. 25 26. FlexPod Reduce Risk with FlexPod Prescriptive Deployment Collateral Cisco and NetApp Confidential. For Internal Use Only. Do Not Distribute. 26 Step-by-step instructions for repeatable high-quality deployments, including these use cases: Secure multi-tenancy and secure separation VMware vSphere and View SAP applications Microsoft Exchange Server applications Citrix XenDesktop Wide range of resources available: validated design, deployment, and solution guides 27. FlexPod Public FlexPod Customers 29Cisco and NetApp Confidential. For Internal Use Only. Do Not Distribute. 28. FlexPod Methods to Obtain a FlexPod Data Center Solution Purchase individual components through a partner: Assembled in-house, based on CVDs and other technical collateral Leverage existing equipment: Purchase additional equipment to complete the environment Leverage CVDs and other technical collateral to assemble Purchase the complete solution through a partner: Prepackaged, tested, and validated through a trusted partner Delivered and ready to deploy 30Cisco and NetApp Confidential. For Internal Use Only. Do Not Distribute. 29. FlexPod Leverage Existing Investments 31Cisco and NetApp Confidential. For Internal Use Only. Do Not Distribute. NetApp FlexArray Systems Cisco Nexus Family Existing Cisco Unified Computing System Fibre Channel SAN Storage Array Unify computing Unify fabric Virtualize storage Protect existing investments Achieve benefits in each layer as you go Stepwise rather than all at once FlexPod E-Series 30. FlexPod Cooperative Support Model Cisco and NetApp Confidential. For Internal Use Only. Do Not Distribute. 32 31. FlexPod Cooperative Support Model We listenedand we built a Cooperative Support Model that gives you a direct line to the right expertise, faster. 32. FlexPod FlexPod Cooperative Support: An Ecosystem of Technology Partners Coordinated support among NetApp, Cisco, Citrix, Microsoft and VMware within a Cooperative Support Lab Strong relationships among best-in-class partners 98% of support cases do not require escalations to other partners/vendors Formal processes in place to expedite cross-company escalations when necessaryGreen = Cooperative Support Partners Blue = Ecosystem partner support via TSANet FlexPod 34 2014 Cisco and NetApp. All rights reserved. 33. FlexPod Support Contract Requirements Cisco Servers Cisco SMARTnet Service with onsite premium (OSP) NetApp Unified Storage SupportEdge Premium Service Microsoft Services Premier Support Premier Third Tier Support Windows Server (includes Hyper-V) Premier Third Tier Support System Center VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus Production SnS XenDesktop, XenServer (6.1 and earlier) Citrix Premier Support CloudPlatform, XenServer (6.2 +) Citrix Software Maintenance 34. Insert solution name or remove from master FlexPod Momentum FlexPod shared Cisco-NetApp revenues approaching $2bil, industry top tier 4.000 Customers growing 75% annually FlexPod ranked #1 in IDC study vs 17 integrated infrastructure vendors Ideal platform for Private Cloud (ESG) Industry leading efficiency 37% lower TCO vs. VSPEX (Edison Group) 120% ROI and 9 month payback (Forrester) 50% guaranteed storage savings (NetApp) 40Cisco and NetApp Confidential. For Internal Use Only. Do Not Distribute. 35. FlexPod Thank You 2012 NetApp, Inc. All rights reserved. No portions of this document may be reproduced without prior written consent of NetApp, Inc. Specifications are subject to change without notice. NetApp, the NetApp logo, Go further, faster, Data ONTAP, FlexClone, FlexPod, FlexShare, MultiStore, OnCommand, SnapDrive, SnapManager, SnapMirror, and vFiler are trademarks or registered trademarks of NetApp, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. Microsoft, SharePoint, SQL Server, Windows, and Windows Server are registered trademarks and Hyper-V and Windows Powershell are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation. SAP is a registered trademark of SAP AG. vCloud, VMware, and vSphere are registered trademarks and vCenter, View, and vShield are trademarks of VMware, Inc. Cisco and Cisco Nexus are registered trademarks and Cisco Unified Computing System and Cisco UCS are trademarks of Cisco Systems, Inc. All other brands or products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders and should be treated as such.