Dare to live the american dream

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  • 2. When I think aboutAmerica, I thinkaboutIndependence. Ithink about JohnWayne spitting inthe eye of LibertyValance and theRancheros north ofthe picket wire. Ithink about themen that hauledthemselves up bytheir bootstraps onthe morning of freedigitalphotos.netDecember 7, 1941and fought back!
  • 3. When it comes toeducation, too manyAmericans are acceptingmediocre futures by notgetting degrees. Oftentimes people will graduatehigh school, settle into ajob, and stay there. Thereare too many people outthere that have forsakentheir dreams because theyarent willing to fight, orthe fight is too hard. Youhave to fight for theAmerican Dream and thisfight isnt across the seas.You fight this fight in yourhomes, your workplacesand most importantlyyour schools. Education is freedigitalphotos.netthe key to the AmericanDream, so fight! Get aneducation!
  • 4. The way to get the upperhand in this battle for theAmerican Dream is to getyour degree. The best wayto get the job youwant, get the job thatpays, and support yourfamily is by pursuing andeducation. Sure, manypeople are making itwithout degrees and thatis great. The point is if youarent happy, if youre notmaking enough, if you arewishing you had gone toschool, its time toconfront your dreams anddo what it takes to getthere and get your degree!Yes, its hard, it isntfun, and it costs a lot ofmoney. But this is yourfuture. Take charge of freedigitalphotos.netyour future. FIGHT foryour goals, get that dreamjob, live the AmericanDream!
  • 5. Students that overcame great adversity to get their degreesKhadijah Williams, a student at Harvard University,worked her way up from the ground. Literally. Khadijahnever had a home to speak of and grew up on the street.She worked hard, really hard, and made it to Harvard.Aduei Riak, one of the Lost Children of Sudan, grew up ina refugee camp and took care of herself. She came to theU.S. to live in a foster home, learned English, workedvery hard, and is now attending Bradeis University, oneof the most prestigious schools in the U.S. And theresMarjorie Elliott, who finally graduated high school at 75,and is planning to attend college. These studentsovercame massive trials because they believed that theireducation was worth fighting for. If they can do it, so canyou!
  • 6. Will you fight?College is hard, its expensive and its timeconsuming. There are millions of reasons why peopledont go to school. But the bottom line is, a collegeeducation is worth it, in so many ways. So fight for it!Its time to break the cycle of mediocrity. Its time torevive the American spirit in all of us and fight forthe good in the world. We can do hard things we canall invent a better future for our children, forAmerica, and for the world. So, will you let yourfuture pass you by or will you secure your place inthe American Dream?