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Explore-China-Dare to dream

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  • TO


    iscover China

    cquire Leadership

    epresent Culture

    ducate Children

    AIESEC UNNC, Mainland of China

  • Want to explore at least 5 Cities in China?

    Want to experience the Birthplace of Chinese Business?

    Want to

    Want to help Next generation open their mind and set a dream to explore the world?

    Want to communicate with 80 Interns from all over the world?

    Want to experience both traditional and modern

    Chinese Culture?



    Dare Support Timetable


    January, 2013: Best Marketing and Communication Award

    January, 2012: Best Talent Management Award

    August, 2011: 4 Best Leadership Awards

    September, 2010: Best Student Organization of the Year

    ARE TO DREAM Dare Support Timetable

  • 5000 Children 80 International Interns 5 Cities 2 Global Village 1 AIESEC Conference



    ARE TO DREAM Dare Support Timetable



    Global Village


    To Be a Teacher

    Explore China

    Culture Sharing

    Management Skills

    Communication Platform

    Leadership and Entrepreneurship

    ARE TO DREAM Dare Support Timetable

  • Discover China

    Zhejiang Province Eastern coastal province of china

    South to shanghai municipality

    Origin of southeast Chinese culture

    Birthplace of Chinese business.

    We will provide at least One Free Travel in Hangzhou, capital city of Zhejiang province. The whole project is a culture-exploring journey.

    The first three weeks of this project will be held in four cities of Zhejiang province, and the last three weeks of it will be held in Fujian province.

    Fujian Province Eastern coastal province of china

    Faces Taiwan Province

    Rich in tourism resources

    Colorful ethnic customs, unique local cultures.

    ARE TO DREAM Introduction Support Timetable

  • ARE TO DREAM Introduction Support Timetable

    Discover China

  • Discover China

    ARE TO DREAM Introduction Support Timetable

  • This project is also an international platform which enables young people to explore and develop their

    leadership potential for them to have a positive impact in society.

    AIESEC UNNC plan to make AIESEC Regional Trainee Conference for that realization where you can be an organization committee of the conference or be a delegate. We will invite

    entrepreneurs to deliver sessions and design activities to develop your leadership and entrepreneurship.


    ARE TO DREAM Introduction Support Timetable

    Acquire Leadership

  • Acquire Leadership

    ARE TO DREAM Introduction Support Timetable

  • Besides, you will with other 79 interns

    to host a Global Village to give culture

    shock to the Chinese.

    One of the education theme is culture

    diverse. You will represent your own

    nations culture to the children to

    make them know more about your

    countys customs and manner.

    Represent Your Culture

    ARE TO DREAM Support Timetable Introduction

  • ARE TO DREAM Introduction Support Timetable

    Represent Your Culture

  • PS: You will take trainings delivered by professors. You will have students text book to help you. You can choose your working partner during the education part.

    WE aim to guide the children to improve their communication skills, establish a world view, to develop social responsibility and to help them find their ways of life.

    Educate Children

    ARE TO DREAM Introduction Support Timetable

  • English Study

    Culture Diverse

    Sustainable Development

    Self-improvement Activities

    Outdoor Activities

    The teaching resource is given by schools, but what to teach, how to teach is decided by trainees. Trainees have the right to organize the class to whatever they want. For example, you can see a movie and then discuss etc.

    Main Theme

    ARE TO DREAM Introduction Support Timetable

  • Organization Committee Team

    Free Accommodation and Main Dinners

    Airport Pick Up

    Visa Applying Support

    Travel, Conference & Party


    ARE TO DREAM Introduction Dare Timetable

    TN ID TN-In-CN-NN-2013-411 TN-In-CN-NN-2013-412 TN-In-CN-NN-2013-413 TN-In-CN-NN-2013-414 TN-In-CN-NN-2013-415 TN-In-CN-NN-2013-416 TN-In-CN-NN-2013-417 TN-In-CN-NN-2013-418 TN-In-CN-NN-2013-419

  • I had an remarkable experience in China. I love china a lot. I have changed a lot. Thanks to all who helped me. Thanks to UNNC MAINLAND OF CHINA giving me a chance

    to be a part of your family. MISS YOU ALL. ----Ashish Goyal From INDIA


    ARE TO DREAM Introduction Dare Timetable

    Living in China is discovering something new every minute, learning, living challenges, find yourself, test the courage, develop the ability to be flexible and feel the difficulties in getting out of your comfort zone. Teaching is rewarding, it is good to feel that I could contribute to the growth and learning of students.

    ----Larissa From BRAZIL

  • Induction week

    Regional Trainee Induction



    Global Village

    Teaching in different schools

    City Tour

    Explore China

    Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6

    ARE TO DREAM Introduction Dare Support

  • Dare to Dream

    Dare to Do

    Dare to Achieve