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2. The greatest tragedy of life isnot death. It is what dies withinus while we are still alive.- Norman Cousins 3. Live 2 Dream and Dream 2 Liveis about being receptive to thethings God has communicatedto you in regard to what youmust become and/or do in orderto bring life to you and toothers. 4. As Americans, we have the privilegeof living in the wealthiest society inthe history of our planet. However,today the clinical depression ratesare ten times higher than what theywere in 1945 during World War II. 5. Americans are consuming five billiontranquilizers and barbiturates, threebillion amphetamines and sixteentons of aspirin every year. Manypeople just feel burned out, beat upand just bored with their life. 6. Many people across theglobe as well as those inattendance tonight areasking the question:Is this all there is? 7. Life is full of beauty, Notice it.Notice the bumble bee, the smallchild, and the smiling faces.Smell the rain and feel the wind.Live your life to the fullest potential,and fight for your dreams.- Ashley Smith 8. Gods plan is to place a dreaminside of your heart and mindwhich will draw you closer to Him.Since He is the author of life, Hewill consistently give us direction,encouragement or fuel for your lifejourney or dream. 9. Jeremiah 29:11 The New Living TranslationFor I know the plans I have foryou, says the LORD. They areplans for good and not for disaster,to give you a future and a hope. 10. Life = Hope + FutureL=H+F 11. Hope + Future = DreamH+F=D 12. Life = DreamL=DDream = LifeD=L 13. Proverbs13:1212.Hope deferred makes theheart sick, but a dreamfulfilled is a tree of life. 14. Today, we will take a look at a manwho lived to dream and dreamed tolive. His desire was to touch Godsheart with his life. 15. God conveyed a dream to him, thatonce pursued, would allow him toexperience true life as well as helpothers to experience it as well.Turn to 1 Kings 3:4-15. 16. 1 Kings 3:4-15 New International Version (NIV)4.The king went to Gibeon to offersacrifices, for that was the mostimportant high place, and Solomonoffered a thousand burnt offerings onthat altar. 17. 5.At Gibeon the LORD appeared toSolomon during the night in adream, and God said, Ask forwhatever you want me to give you.6.Solomon answered, You haveshown great kindness to your servant,my father David, because he wasfaithful to you and righteous andupright in heart. 18. You have continued this great kindnessto him and have given him a son to sit onhis throne this very day.7.Now, LORD my God, you have madeyour servant king in place of my fatherDavid. But I am only a little child and donot know how to carry out my duties. 19. 8Your servant is here among the peopleyou have chosen, a great people, toonumerous to count or number.9So give your servant a discerning heartto govern your people and todistinguish between right and wrong. Forwho is able to govern this great peopleof yours? 20. 10.The Lord was pleased that Solomonhad asked for this. 11.So God said tohim, Since you have asked for this andnot for long life or wealth for yourself,nor have asked for the death of yourenemies but for discernment inadministering justice, 12.I will do whatyou have asked. 21. I will give you a wise and discerningheart, so that there will never havebeen anyone like you, nor will thereever be. 13Moreover, I will give youwhat you have not asked forbothwealth and honorso that in yourlifetime you will have no equal amongkings. 22. 14.And if you walk in obedience to me andkeep my decrees and commands as Davidyour father did, I will give you a long life.15.Then Solomon awokeand he realizedit had been a dream. He returned toJerusalem, stood before the ark of theLords covenant and sacrificed burntofferings and fellowship offerings. Then hegave a feast for all his court. 23. A closer look at a man,who lived to dream anddreamed to live. 24. Solomon experienced true life byoffering or giving something awayfrom himself to the Giver of Life.Giving to God not only conditionsour heart and mind to go from self toservant, but it enables us to receivedirection or a dream(s) from theGiver of Life. 25. 1 Kings 3:4 New International Version (NIV)4.The king went to Gibeon to offersacrifices, for that was the mostimportant high place, and Solomonoffered a thousand burnt offeringson that altar. 26. Remember when you give toyour church, ministries andother organizations you are notgiving to the leader of thoseentities, but rather to God. Theleaders are only vesselsappointed by God. 27. When you live to dream,expect for God to speak toyou. He will communicate Hisplans for you and others byany means necessaryincluding through your dreams. 28. 1 King 3:55.At Gibeon the LORD appeared toSolomon during the night in adream 29. What If God asked you who youreally are and what are the dreamsyou are pursuing? What if Godenvisioned something different thanwhat you had imagined for your life?Would you be willing to change yourdreams in order to fulfill Godspurpose for your life? 30. 1 Kings 3:55.At Gibeonthe LORD appeared to Solomonduring the night in a dream, andGod said, Ask for whatever youwant me to give you. 31. What you ask God for maycompletely line up with Hispurpose for you life so do notbe afraid to ask. Additionally,do not resist any changes thatmay be needed in order to liveyour dream. 32. Once your God given dreambecomes clear and real to you, youmust bring it to life by taking it outof your heart and head. Writeabout it, share it and most of all liveit. 33. On a daily basis take it back toGod for direction, encouragement,corrections or changes that may beneeded along the way. 34. 1 Kings 3:1515.Then Solomon awokeand herealized it had been a dream. Hereturned to Jerusalem, stood before theark of the Lords covenant andsacrificed burnt offerings and fellowshipofferings. Then he gave a feast for allhis court. 35. If one advances confidently in thedirection of his dreams andendeavors to live the life which heimagined, he will meet withsuccess unexpected in commonhours.- Henry David Thoreau 36. Live 2 DreamDream 2 Live