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Presentation given to the Fraternal Communications Association Mid-Year Conference focusing on features that keep visitors to your site longer & coming back for more

Text of Compelling Sites

  • 1. sticky sites
    • once they visit, help them stick around

2. Cate Indiano DesktopMedia

  • Utilizing CS4 and a bunch of other mostly free tools!

3. questions

  • how many manage your own sites
  • what products do you use?
  • what type of content are included
  • how often is it updated

4. Analytics

  • How long are people sticking around?
  • What are they looking at?
  • What tool are you using?Google Analytics

5. what kind of elements keep them 6. widgets

  • Dreamweaver extensions
  • Widget box: everything from countdown to polling to SM feeds

7. video

  • posted to youtube and then to site, lets demo
  • dropped into flash component, and/or added in dreamweaver

8. flash

  • rotating banners or carousels
  • animations

9. social media

  • integrate your social media presence with badges

10. rss

  • Feedforall
  • How to set up a feed
  • just as you know your subscriber base for email marketing, you can have a subscriber base for your site,feedburnercan track it

11. images

  • flash banners
  • flickr

12. podcasts

  • Audacity
  • Garageband
  • RecordforAll

13. userpolls

  • widgets
  • Uservoice example:GSA

14. livecam

  • Live streaming entertainment!
  • ustream
  • How to?
  • (they have a facebook app too)

15. want to learn more? The Marketing Technology Training Certificate Program 104 hours of New Media training delivered onsite or online 7 college credits final project: a marketing proposal complete with ROI fantastic student kit of books and a flip video camera need to upgrade your skill set but cant afford to? check with your statesincumbent worker training fund ! 16. cate brosseau indiano

          • marketing technologies consulting and training
          • certified technical trainer, adobe certified instructor
          • the marketing technology training certificate
          • author, InDesign@Work, wbe, member astd
  • 317.955.9300
  • [email_address]
  • linkedin
  • delicious:marketing technology bookmarks
  • skype: desktopmedia
  • twitter:desktopmedia