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This was presented to the Dallas Social Media Breakfast group on 10-27-11. The presentation covers the main aspects that you should focus on when blogging.

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  • 1. BLOGGING FOR SUCCESSMark Barrera@mark_barrera

2. Who Am I? President of DFW Search Engine Marketing Association Who I have worked with: Lennox National Breast Cancer Foundation Palm Harbor Homes Cookies by Design Scottish Rite Hospital Donald Trump and many more @mark_barrera | | 3. Blogging for Success Making Your Site SEO Friendly Creating Your Content Promoting Your Content Conversion Optimization@mark_barrera | | 4. Making Your Site SEO Friendly @mark_barrera | | 5. Making Your Site SEO FriendlyTitle Tags < 70 Characters. Use Keyword(s) Make it enticingDescription Tags 1 to 2 sentences (90-150 characters) Call to action / Value proposition Do not stuff with keywordsURLs Use title of post in URL @mark_barrera | | 6. Making Your Site SEO FriendlyLinking Focus on Link Anchor Text Link to Your Other Posts Link to Authority Web Sites@mark_barrera | | 7. Making Your Site SEO FriendlyImages Use custom alt tags Use custom file names If hosting them on Flickr or other photo website, link to the file onthat network also Make sure to link to the post that you used the photo in from that website also.@mark_barrera | | 8. Making Your Site SEO Friendly Categories Dont over do it Use keywords Breadcrumbs They allow your users to easily navigate your site. They allow search engines to determine the structure of your sitemore easily.@mark_barrera | | 9. Creating Your ContentThink Like a Publisher! @mark_barrera | | 10. Creating Your Content Post on a regular basis Create weekly features Weekly Interview Weekly News Wrap-up Write awesome content Timely Use examples / analogies / metaphors Give your opinion Create relevant images / infographics @mark_barrera | | 11. Creating Your ContentRemember the 80/20 Rule! @mark_barrera | | 12. Promoting Your Content Social Media Email PR @mark_barrera | | 13. Americans spendover a third of theironline time (40%)communicating andnetworking across: social networks blogs personal email instant messaging video sites 14. Promoting Your Content SociallyFacebook Optimize Title / Description / Thumbnail Use proper Facebook meta tags Post to relevant groups Facebook as a commenting system Monitor your Facebook Insights (analytics) data@mark_barrera | | 15. Promoting Your Content SociallyTwitter Promote more than once Use hashtags where appropriate Use the follow suggestion in your tweet button code@mark_barrera | | 16. Promoting Your Content Socially LinkedIn Status Updates Groups Email Notifications StumbleUpon @mark_barrera | | 17. Promoting Your Content Pings RSS Bookmarking Delicious / Diigo / Evernote Email Signatures Blog Commenting@mark_barrera | | 18. Promoting Your Content by Email Feedburner MailChimp Aweber @mark_barrera | | 19. Promoting Your Content with PR Press Releases Free Press Release Sites Paid Press Release Sites PRWeb PRLeap Know Your Influencers Keep a list of contacts Include blog URL / email / twitter / facebook / phone @mark_barrera | | 20. Conversion OptimizationVisits Arent the End Goal! @mark_barrera | | 21. Conversion Optimization Social Sharing Subscribers Leads Example @mark_barrera | | 22. Conversion OptimizationSubscribers @mark_barrera | | 23. Conversion OptimizationSocial Sharing @mark_barrera | | 24. Conversion OptimizationLeads@mark_barrera | | 25. Conversion Optimization Google Analytics Track Goal Conversions Track Referring Traffic Know Your Referring Keywords@mark_barrera | | 26. Tools I UseGoogle AnalyticsScribe SEO - - Tools - - @mark_barrera | | 27. Contact Me SEO / PPC Consulting Project or Retainer Agency Solutions Employee Training / Process Improvement White Label Partnership Coaching / Mentoring@mark_barrera | |