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  • 1. SIDE-Labs Open Source Project SIDE-Labs for Alfresco 1
  • 2. BlueXML SIDE-Labs Sustainable Software Development For Alfresco Jean-Christophe Kermagoret ( Community Leader SIDE-Labs for Alfresco 2
  • 3. Introduction SIDE-Labs Open source project founded by BlueXML Sustainable IDE Sustainable Server Extensions Sustainable Application Repository About... Sustainable Software and Alfresco Contribute Take responsabilities Blue Summer of Code SIDE-Labs for Alfresco 3
  • 4. Introduction Blue Summer Of Code Same idea than GSOC from Google BlueXML sponsors a set of internships: For motivated students With high technical skills To adapt SIDE-Labs to other technologies To create new models and applications To build a sustainable model & application library Come on SIDE-Labs forums SIDE-Labs for Alfresco 4
  • 5. Introduction SIDE-Labs for Alfresco 5
  • 6. Introduction Today, SIDE-Labs focuses on Alfresco: Alfresco 3.2r2 Labs BlueXML focuses on: Alfresco 3.2.0 E Previous versions focused on: Alfresco 3.0 Labs Alfresco 2.9B Community SIDE-Labs for Alfresco 6
  • 7. What is SIDE-Labs? SIDE-Labs implements MDA Models Driven Architecture Graphical tools Automatic generation of: Plumbing Technical elements required by Alfresco Nice user interfaces required by users Extension mechanisms Customize generated default behavior SIDE-Labs for Alfresco 7
  • 8. SIDE-Labs Software SIDE-Labs is composed of: SIDE/Build, a graphical IDE based on Eclipse SIDE/Run, a set of open source components which extend Alfresco feature set SAR (Sustainable Archive or Sustainable Application Repository), a set of usable applications you can use or start from to not reinvent the wheel SIDE-Labs for Alfresco 8
  • 9. SIDE-Labs Benefits User benefits Sustainable Software Applications Information System Focus Information System Capitalization SIDE-Labs for Alfresco 9
  • 10. SIDE-Labs Benefits Technical benefits Easy integration Extension mechanisms Sustainable Application Repository (GPL) Industrialization SIDE-Labs for Alfresco 10
  • 11. BlueXML Offer BlueXML provides support on SIDE-Labs Application certification and qualification Model library Industrialized process ++ More Productivity, More Agility, More Quality => More Sustainability Training Service SIDE-Labs for Alfresco 11
  • 12. To Remember SIDE (Sustainable IDE) : Graphical tools For Alfresco consultants and developers Who want to integrate standard features In Alfresco Share To save time to focus on Real Added Value SIDE provides: Productivity, Agility, Quality, Relevancy => Sustainability SIDE-Labs for Alfresco 12
  • 13. BlueXML SIDE-Labs In Action SIDE-Labs for Alfresco 13
  • 14. MISS Methodology Methodology Is Simple and Sustainable Input : Data & Form Process : Workflow Navigate : View & Portal SIDE-Labs for Alfresco 14
  • 15. Integration SIDE-Labs Generators produce components, which can be integrated Directly in Alfresco Share On your own, according your specific needs, through: Java API Rest API SIDE-Labs for Alfresco 15
  • 16. Input/Data Data Model Defines storage on Alfresco Repository Modelization/Generation Content types, Aspects Meta data, Associations, Enumerations Webscripts Deployment/Integration Alfresco controller Java API, Rest API SIDE-Labs for Alfresco 16
  • 17. Input/Data/Modeler SIDE-Labs for Alfresco 17
  • 18. Input/Form Forms Normal, to input data and upload content Workflow, to input specific data, related to tasks Modelization/Generation Multiple forms for the same content type Advanced search forms (QBE like) May be used in conjunction with workflows Deployment/Integration Alfresco Share Java API, Rest API SIDE-Labs for Alfresco 18
  • 19. Input/Form/Model(er) SIDE-Labs for Alfresco 19
  • 20. Input/Form/Edit Input/Form Edit Form: Alfresco Share Integration SIDE-Labs for Alfresco 20
  • 21. Input/Form/Advanced Search Input/Form Search Form: Alfresco Share Integration SIDE-Labs for Alfresco 21
  • 22. Input/Form/Advanced Search Input/Form Form: Rest API Integration SIDE-Labs for Alfresco 22
  • 23. Navigate/View Views Based on CMIS Could be based on SIDE-Labs SQL module for Alfresco (to execute joins :-) Modelization/Generation Document/Data List & Details