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  • Oct 2010

  • Agile BIConnect, Map & Visualize

  • | Our world is changing..ConnectedInterconnectedDistributed

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  • | Use of BI is changingDisposable BIGooglizationLarger user base (internal & external)More dataLess time

    Google maps, finance, analytics

  • | Traditional BI has failedAverage Implementation time:17 months in total; 5 months to deploy the 1st usable analytic application

    Mean annual expenditure on BI software:$1.1 million for companies with >1,000 employees

    Project Success Rate: 31% success rate; at best

    Meeting needs - right data to the right person:only 36% are confident that reports and dashboards deliver the right data to the right person at the right time.IDC Business Intelligence Survey

  • Agile Business Intelligence helps make sense of the changing landscape

  • | Agile Methodology12 core principles but the key messages are:Customer centric designContinuous deliveryBusiness & Tech work together dailyAcceptance of change requestsWorking software is the measure of successEase of use

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  • | Agile Business IntelligenceAgile BI is about :TechnologyCulture Process

  • | Agile BI TechnologyAgile BI technology needs to be:End User DrivenIntuitiveFlexible


  • | Agile BI CultureAgile BI culture is about :Data driven decision makingPervasive anywhere, anytime accessSupportive

  • | Agile BI ProcessAgile BI process is about :Iterative & continuous deploymentSmall cross functional teamsContinuous improvement

  • YellowfinAn agile BI environment

  • | Yellowfin agile BIEase of useSingle integrated environmentIterative developmentCollaborativeDevice independent

  • | Yellowfin Architecture

  • | Why its importantLower costLower complexityHigher ease of use

  • Enterprises need to keep an eye on emerging BI technology areas especially in-memory analytics, mobile BI apps and interactive visualizationGartner 2010

  • Lets take a lookConnect, Map & Visualize

  • ConclusionQuestions & Answers