A mac baker's dozen

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Experiences of moving to a Mac from a PC over the past year

Text of A mac baker's dozen

  • 1. A Mac Bakers Dozen: 13 Things I Wish Id known before I bought my Mac Adrian Nixon January 2014
  • 2. 1. It is a lovely piece of kit. ! In January 2013 my Vaio Laptop died. I took this opportunity to move from a PC to a Mac. I bought a Mac Book Pro with a retina screen. It boots up (and shuts down) in seconds. The battery lasts for 7 hours. I still think its a lovely piece of kit, now in 2014. If you can use a PC youll nd Mac OS easy. The Mac is nicely designed and built. Works well with iPhone and iPad, but
  • 3. 2. I had to transfer my les manually My rst problem was to transfer my les. ! Fortunately Apple has a Migration Assistant. Unfortunately, It doesnt transfer all les. ! If you use it, check its results carefully. I ended up copying all my les to a 1Tb ash drive. Then pasting some to my mac hard drive. Read on to nd out why I had a spare drive
  • 4. 3. It cannot be upgraded ! I use my Mac for all my work. It lled rapidly with my les. So I bought a new hard drive for a Mac book pro. Sadly it wouldnt t. Actually, I couldnt even open the back. It is sealed with non-standard screws. So I asked the Apple shop for help. They were very nice. And nicely told me I should have paid more attention when buying it. A Mac book pro can be upgraded. But not if it has a retina screen. Yes, it is my fault for not checking - Boo.
  • 5. 4. There are Apps - and Apps Apps on a Mac Apps on iPhone and iPad Same logo, completely different things. Id expected Mac OS and IOS to be integrated. Silly me.
  • 6. 5. There is no Delete key You have to press the fn and backspace keys to delete. ! There is no print screen button either. Press cmd and shift and 4 keys OK, hardly life changing. Though I did spend ages trying to sort this.
  • 7. 6. Yes, you can right click For some reason people think this is not possible on a Mac ! Press with two ngers on the trackpad to right click. ! Right click works with the the rather swish apple mouse, it is lovely. Works like a charm. I wish MS Ofce did
  • 8. 7. There is Microsoft Ofce for Mac Apple has its own version of MS ofce; Pages, Numbers & Keynote. ! These equivalents are stylish, I like them. ! This presentation was created using Keynote. ! However my clients in the corporate world all use MS ofce. So I must too. So, how has it been with MS-Ofce-for-Mac?
  • 9. 8. There is no MS Access for Mac Some of you will not care about this. ! If you have to work with Access databases there is no Apple equivalent ! Could there be more MS-Ofce-for-Mac woes?
  • 10. 9. I had to stop using MS Outlook OK, its not as bad as it sounds. It was annoying to nd out that my email provider didn't have the right version of MS Exchange to support Outlook for Mac, grrrr. In the end I dumped MS Outlook for Mac. And now use Apple mail, contacts and calendar. These all work ne across my various devices. (Still looking for a better email provider)
  • 11. 10. Word for Mac is not the same The Mac version (Word 2011) has aws that the PC version does not have e.g.: Very difcult to create automatic table of contents Creating Pdf documents expands the le size when graphics are present. Word for Mac works for every day uses. I still have to use Word on a PC to create Pdf les
  • 12. 11. Excel for Mac seems ok Excel is the only bit of Ofce-for-Mac that Ive not had problems with. Im probably not using excel as deeply as the others
  • 13. 12. I cant rely on Powerpoint for Mac Deep problems here. Especially using hyperlinked presentations. They work ne when testing. Then grind to a halt when I present live. This has happened so many times. Apple and Microsoft cannot solve this reliably. This is so serious I had to partition my Mac. I now have Windows 8 with another copy of ofce for PC All important presentations run in PC mode.
  • 14. 13. What is the source of these woes? All things Apple work well on a Mac. MS products have problems on Mac OS. I had to buy: Copy of Windows 8 Extra copy of MS Ofce for PC Ouch. Who benets? Apple tried hard to resolve my problems. Their customer service is great but could not help me. In the end I spent more money on Microsoft products. You decide