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  1. 1. 42 HOT TIPS for CompellingContent MarketinGA Look back on 6 years of Content Marketing Institute articles #CMI42
  2. 2. Why Content Marketing?(NOTE: This is from Joes inaugural Junta42 post)One thing is for sure, it is the organizations, not individual users or publishers, that have thegreatest opportunity (and possibly learning curve) to create valuable content that makes animpact on people. Smart organizations are doing it now. More will come. Things are going to getinteresting. Joe Pulizzi Tweet it:Re: #contentmarketing in 2007: More will come.Things are going to get interesting. @juntajoehttp://bit.ly/16rQDeP #CMI42
  3. 3. Critical Content Marketing Trends that Signal Big Industry Changes AheadContent marketing is close to surpassing search marketing in popularity as a keyword searchterm. Joe Pulizzi Tweet it:Content Marketing is close to surpassing search marketing as keyword search term.@juntajoe http://bit.ly/16lcMth #CMI42The History of Content Marketing [Infographic] Corporate Storytelling is Not NewBrands have been telling stories to attract and retain customers for hundreds of years. Thedifference today is that the barriers to entry (content acceptance, talent and technology) nolonger exist for brands to get into the publishing arena. Joe Pulizzi Tweet it:Barriers to entry no longer exist for brands to get into publishing arena.@juntajoe http://bit.ly/12eeYlM #CMI42 #CMI42
  4. 4. 24 Top Content Marketing Questions Answered in Less than 140 CharactersContent marketing works with your other marketing, not in replacement of. The issue now is thatmost brands are underdeveloped in content marketing and we have to catch up. Joe Pulizzi Tweet it:Most brands are underdeveloped in #contentmarketing & we have to catch up.@juntajoe http://bit.ly/Z0b9Oq #CMI42The 7 Business Goals of Content Marketing: Inbound Marketing Isnt EnoughThe point is, there is no black and white in marketing; its all gray. There are no silver bullets.Marketing objectives sometimes need to be solved with a combination of efforts, not by puttingall your eggs in one basket. Joe Pulizzi Tweet it:The point is, there is no black & white in marketing; its all gray.@juntajoe http://bit.ly/Ts8TiI #CMI42#CMI42
  5. 5. First Things First Content Strategy Before Social StrategyThe question marketers must ask themselves is: What makes my brand so interesting thatpeople will want to talk about it and share it with their friends? (Even boring brands havesomething interesting to say!) You cant succeed in social media if you dont have somethinginteresting to say. Patricia Redsicker Tweet it:What makes my brand so interesting people will want to talk about it & share w friends?@predsicker http://bit.ly/Z0capH #CMI42Content Marketing: The Fallacy that More is BetterThere was a time for more, but that time has passed. Joe Pulizzi Tweet it:Re: #contentmarketing: There was a time for more, but that time has passed.@juntajoe http://bit.ly/14M7Stg #CMI42 #CMI42
  6. 6. The CMI Content Marketing Framework: 7 Building Blocks to SuccessThere are no silver bullets or one-size-fits-all plans that apply to every organization.However, there are some core, common elements across successful content marketingprograms. Joe Pulizzi Tweet it:There are some core, common elements across successful. #contentmarketing programs @juntajoehttp://bit.ly/14DkFh8 #CMI42Why You Need a Content Marketing Mission StatementI feel [the mission statement] is critical to set the tone for the idea of content marketing, or anymarketing for that matter. Marketing professionals from so many small and large businesses getso fixated on channels such as blogs, Facebook or Pinterest that they honestly have no clue ofthe underlying content strategy. So, the why must come before the what. Joe Pulizzi Tweet it:[Companies] have no clue of underlying content strategy. The WHY must come before the WHAT.@juntajoe http://bit.ly/RHmykD #CMI42#CMI42
  7. 7. Getting Buy-In for Your Content Marketing: A 3-Point ProcessIn your pitch, ask for a trial period of six months to a year to test out a content marketingprogram chances are the executives will be more comfortable with this than they wouldbe with making an all-or-nothing, long-term commitment to a program they may beunfamiliar with. Joe Griffin Tweet it:Ask for a trial period of 6 mo to 1 yr to test out #contentmarketing program @joegriffinhttp://bit.ly/VU1E3W #CMI42How to Justify the Cost of Content MarketingContent marketing costs 31 percent less than paid search for mid-size organizations and 41percent less than paid search for large organizations. Michele Linn Tweet it:#contentmarketing costs 31% less than paid search for mid-size orgs, 41% less for large orgs@michelelinn http://bit.ly/V2p225 #CMI42 #CMI42
  8. 8. Developing a Buyer Persona? Avoid these 4 Common MistakesIf your buyer personas are based on generic or internal ideas about your buyers, your contentwont be any better than it was before you had personas. Adele Revella Tweet it:If buyer personas are based on generic/internal ideasyour content wont get any better.@BuyerPersona http://bit.ly/RmXu5A #CMI42Content Marketing Strategy: 3 Experts on Tapping InfluencersAs Amanda Maksymiw, Leslie Reiser, and Waynette Tubbs remind us, it can be beneficial to lookbeyond the most obvious, popular people in your network to help you spread the word. [Thinkabout employees and customers, too.] Michele Linn Tweet it:It can be beneficial to look beyond the most obvious, popular people in your network to helpspread the word. @michelelinn http://bit.ly/YsDMEi #CMI42#CMI42
  9. 9. Brand Storytelling: 10 Steps to Start Your Content Marketing Heros JourneyThe [Heros Journey] structure is meant to provide a platform to help you to develop a way totell your story, or maybe to discover whats missing from your existing story. Its not a templatefor the story this is an important distinction, because your story will be unique to you, yourbrand, and the experience you are trying to create. Robert Rose Tweet it:[Heros Journey] structure is meant to...help develop a way to tell your story @Robert_Rosehttp://bit.ly/Z5JL1W #CMI427 Steps to Creating Your Content Marketing Channel PlanThe content strategy defines the channel strategy not the other way around. Joe Pulizzi Tweet it:The content strategy defines the channel strategy not the other way around. @juntajoehttp://bit.ly/VmUfZE #CMI42#CMI42
  10. 10. 58 Social Media Ideas to Inspire Your Content MarketingContent is nothing without the right distribution channels, which is why content marketing andsocial media make a great team. Michele Linn Tweet it:Content is nothing w/out right channels; #contentmarketing & social media make a great team.@michelelinn http://bit.ly/XKuDtT #CMI4212 Tips for Keyword Selection to Guide Your Content Marketing SEOIf you constantly create internet content without thinking through search engine optimization(SEO) and keywords, you will rank for something (content does resonate with search enginealgorithms). Yet, you will consistently run the risk of shortchanging your SEO strategy andyour companys ability to grab its fair share of relevant search engine traffic for branding,conversions and more. Mike Murray Tweet it:If you create internet content w/o thinking SEO/keywordsyou shortchange #SEO strategy.@mikeonlinecoach http://bit.ly/XLPAzM #CMI42#CMI42
  11. 11. Planning Your Content Marketing Team: Critical Positions and Salary InfoThere are 6 key players on a content marketing team: Chief Content Officer/VP of marketing;managing editor; content creator, content producer, Chief Listening Officer Michele Linn Tweet it:There are 6 key players on #contentmarketing team read more from @michelelinnhttp://bit.ly/VNdT3Q #CMI42Chief Content Officer Job Description Sample TemplateThe CCO requires a combination marketing and publishing mindset, with the most importantaspect being to think customer first. In essence, the CCO is the corporate storyteller that mustbe empathetic toward the pain points of the customer. Joe Pulizzi Tweet it:The CCO is the corporate storyteller that must be empathetic toward pain points of customer.@juntajoe http://bit.ly/SoAQqp #CMI42 #CMI42
  12. 12. Can B2B Marketers Become Content Whisperers?When trying to determine if what youre hearing from prospects should inform your contentmarketing strategy, the first thing you need to do is ground the feedback. Is the person (orpeople) youre listening to representative of the persona the marketing program is designed toengage? Ardath Albee Tweet it:Is the person u r listening to representative of persona the mktg program is designed to engage?@ardath421 http://bit.ly/VrtXav #CMI4214 Sources for Content Curation InspirationAfter you pick a topic to produce content around, one of the most common questions aboutgetting started with content curation is where do you get your content? After all, your curationefforts can only be as good as the source of your content. Pawan Deshpande Tweet it:Your curation efforts can only be as good as the source of your content. @getcuratahttp://bit.ly/VyB0A2 #CMI42#CMI42
  13. 13. The Essential Guide for Meta Descriptions that Will Get You Found OnlineIf you think meta descriptions are no longer important, this post may change your mind. In fact,with the rise of social media, they are more valuable than ever. Brad Shorr Tweet it:In rise of social media, [meta descriptions] are more valuable than ever. @bradshorrhttp://bit.ly/V2sQQP #CMI428 KPIs Your Content Marketing Measurement Should Includeit is important to keep in mind that not all unique visits are the same. For example, a uniquevisit to a white paper might be much more valuable for lead generation purposes than a uniquevisit to a blog especially if that visit spends more time with the content (which well get moreinto later on). Neil Bhapkar Twe