5 Compelling Tips to Design College Brochures for Powerful Marketing

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In order for your marketing efforts to be successful, it is important to work with a plethora of mediums. While internet marketing on its own is a useful resource to attract new customers to your college, it is most effective when used in conjunction with a strategic print marketing campaign. However, direct marketing is no easy feat.

Text of 5 Compelling Tips to Design College Brochures for Powerful Marketing

  • 1. 5 Compelling Tips to Design College Brochures for Powerful Marketing
  • 2. Direct marketing is challenging. Choosing a powerful and effective tool to spearhead the marketing campaign is crucial and Brochures are the recommended choices for many. The tips shared in the subsequent slides will help create a compelling brochure that drives conversions.
  • 3. WHY BROCHURES FOR COLLEGES? Captivates students Markets courses offered and benefits directly Spotlights selling points crisply and strongly Adds credibility and easy-to-digest Attracts students and parents comprehensively Improves visibility and branding
  • 4. PLANNING A BROCHURE THAT CONVERTS Talk to students and parents Understand student needs Pile up benefits in brochure Highlight most important needs Persuade completely
  • 5. TIPS TO CREATE POWERFUL BROCHURE FOR MARKETING INNOVATE WITH NEW SHAPE There are no hard and fast rules that brochures have to be shaped in A4! Think differently and try creating it in different shapes and find the best one that suits the students needs fittingly.
  • 6. IMPRESS WITH DAZZLING VISUAL EFFECTS Create a simple and attractive layout Choose impressive and eye-pleasing color schemes Focus on easy-to-read and clear fonts Add dazzling design attributes to enhance outlook
  • 7. FOCUS ON CLUTTER-FREE CONTENT Keep it precise and simple Create compelling benefit- oriented titles List benefits not features Highlight selling points in bold
  • 8. DEMAND ACTION AFTER READING Include necessary contact and social media details in brochure to direct them to the college site. Adding a QR code is recommended as it saves time for students when searching a site.
  • 9. CONTACT EXPERT DESIGNERS FOR BETTER RETURNS From the aforementioned tips it is apparent that creating a winning brochure requires professional approach and skills. Contact a brochure designing specialist for valuable advice and recommendations to enhance outcomes.
  • 10. Are you looking for a professional brochure design company to improve your college marketing needs in Pittsburgh? Visit the site : www.direct-axis.net/college-brochures-catalogs-and-marketing/