22 May 2014: CDE Guidance for completing cde research proposals

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Text of 22 May 2014: CDE Guidance for completing cde research proposals

  • 1. 27 May 2014 Guidance for completing CDE research proposals

2. Proposal content Proposal format Exemplars 27 May 2014 Crown copyright 2013 Dstl Your feedback 3. Crown Copyright MOD 2011 Presentation aims Square the circle Content & Format Fit with the PAF 4. What are we looking for? 5 Key Factors 5. The Idea Clarity!!! Innovation!!! Low TRLs 6. The Idea Science History Proposal = Contract 7. The Idea Defence Users Scenario Conditions of use 8. The Idea Multiple uses Limitations Graphics 9. The Idea Capabilities Improvements YOUR vision!!! 10. The Idea UNCLASSIFIED 11. The Benefit Valued benefit(s) Significant levels Commitment 12. The Benefit Wider applications Large businesses Performance 13. The Benefit Wider applications Large businesses Performance 14. The Benefit Measurements Justification High-level VFM 15. The Impact Game changing? Push boundaries! Barriers 16. The Impact Acid Test YOUR vision 17. The Impact Benefits Body of Evidence Roadmap 18. The Impact Benefits Body of Evidence Roadmap 19. The Approach Strong outputs Clear descriptions Logical/progressive 20. The Approach Time & resources Dependencies Credibility 21. The Approach Access to facilities GFX Assumptions 22. The Approach Ethics 23. The Deliverables Clear offerings Differences rivals Performance 24. CDE Assessment Performance Assessment Framework (PAF) 25. CDE Assessment On-line links PAF Guide All Competitions 26. CDE Assessment 27. Operational Relevance HIGH impact 28. Likelihood of Exploitation Make it happen Delivery 29. Building Critical S&T for UK Future capabilities Future visions 30. Scientific Quality/Innovation Innovative science Feasibility 31. Technical Risk Assess feasibility De-risk decisions Push S&T limits 32. Great proposals! Evidence required Contribution 33. Online bid submission Portal one route Low overheads Control of IP 34. Getting started 35. Technical tabs - advice Options Use carefully.. (ANY) option 36. Proposal - Front Cover Title Innovation Desc. Careful thought 37. Military Scenario Where used? Multiple Uses? Constraints 38. Military Organisation Land Sea Air? Type of role Activities 39. Military Capability Do we need it? Performance How measured? 40. Attachments Complexity 1mb max MS Word format 41. Requirements Functions Steps Diagrams 42. Solution Logical/progressive Scientific Principles Diagrams. 43. Solution History Stand-alone Assessors shoes 44. Critical Parameters Availability Barriers Openness 45. Performance Assessment Experimentation Detailed design Reliable data 46. Performance Assessment Experimentation Detailed design Reliable data 47. Performance Assessment Builds confidence 48. Intellectual Capital Ownership of IP Level of maturity Approach 49. Stakeholder Management Other stakeholders Downstream Stakeholder map 50. Contract Scenario Planned activities Future vision Attachments! 51. Supply Organisation Who's involved? Alliances Dont rely on GFX.. 52. Supply Capability Resources? Other GFX! Commercial routes 53. Resource Scheduling Known FY bug Be specific! Overheads 54. Contracting Terms Contract Type Justify choice Reasonable Profit 55. Deliverables Clearly defined Clear links 56. Payment Schedules Advanced funding Stage Payments Contract set up 57. Final reminders! The 5 key factors! Clear & concise! Use (ANY) option 58. Final reminders! Innovation Desc. On-line form Graphics 59. Final reminders! Avoid GFX Early submissions! Contract set up 60. Proposal health check Proof read Remove ambiguity Weed out TLAs! 61. Effective proposals Content PAF Structure 62. Questions? Centre for Defence Enterprise 01235 438445 cde@dstl.gov.uk www.science.mod.uk/enterprise