Tyler Boyd, WR Scouting Report

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  1. 1. Boyd Tyler Pittsburgh WR #23 J 6.7 Last Name First Name College Position Final Grade 62 190 Height Weight 40 speed Test Score ATHLETIC ABILITY SECTION GRADE: 6.5 Q.A.B 6.5 Quick Feet 6.5 C.O.D. 6.5 Flexibility 6.5 Coordination 6.5 Tyler is a very good athlete that makes a lot of big plays. He has quick feet to change directions quickly. He shows great flexibility getting low when hes breaking off a route and making sharp cuts. COMPETITIVENESS SECTION GRADE: 6.5 Toughness 6.5 Clutch Play 6.5 Production 7.0 Consistency 7.0 Team Player 6.5 Pride / Quit 6.5 Tyler shows a lot of will and toughness by consistently catching passes in traffic. He is reliable in key situations. His production at Pitt has been outstanding and consistency shows. MENTAL ALERTNESS SECTION GRADE: 6.5 Learn / Retain 6.5 Inst/Reaction 6.5 Concentration 6.5 Tyler is a very smart football player, and he shows it by his route running ability and getting low when breaking off routes. His reaction to turn up field is great. He is also very focused on catching each pass. STRENGTH/ EXPLOSION SECTION GRADE: 6.0 Body Type 6.0 Tyler has good height, but his weight is unusual for his size. He will need to bulk up. He is very explosive who can get by cornerbacks. Has the strength to make tough catches in traffic, but not the strength to break tackles. Durability 6.0 Explosion 6.5 Play Strength 5.5 GDE CATEGORY COMMENTS DESCRIPT GAMES VIEWED COMBINE NOTES 8.0 Hands He has tremendous hands, able to make catches in traffic Akron 2014 Boston College 2014 Duke 2014 Georgia Tech 2014 225 REPS VERTICAL JUMP BROAD JUMP 20 SHUTTLE 5.5 Initial Quicks He can be quick and explosive getting off the ball, but is inconsistent 5.5 Clean Release Though hes inconsistent with initial quicks, he can close cushion on CB quickly with burst
  2. 2. GDE CATEGORY COMMENTS DESCRIPT GAMES VIEWED COMBINE NOTES 6.0 Release VS. Jam Limited experience defeating jam, but uses his quick feet and explosiveness to get on route quickly 60 SHUTTLE 3 CONE 6.0 Patterns He runs good routes, but unable to get separation 6.5 ADJUST to BALL Has the hands to make tough catches look easy 6.0 R.A.C. When in open space he can be elusive, good with quick screens 6.0 Deep Threat He speed and explosiveness, but does not get separation 7.0 Hand Eye Coor He has outstanding hand eye coordinated to make the CRITICAL FACTORS 5.5 Blocking Has ability to be good, does not consistently get to defender and block aggressively SIZE 6.0 ATH. ABILITY 6.5 HANDS 8.0 COMPETES 6.5 PLAY SPEED 6.5 INSTINCTS 6.5 6.0 Return Ability More elusive as a kick returner 6.0 FUMBLE / ERRORS Fumbled once, but does not protect ball well STRONG POINTS WEAKNESSES Tyler has great athletic ability and good height. What stands out is Tylers hands, hell make tough catches look easy. Though he doesnt get separation, he is a good route runner. He is an explosive player with good instincts and reaction. Tyler is not consistent with his blocking. He can be aggressive at time, but other times he wont try. Though he has good height at 62, he shouldnt weigh 190. He needs to bulk up. As mentioned also, he needs to be able to get separation on his routes. He doesnt consistently play to his strength. SUMMARY Tyler being a junior, has been highly productive at the college level, and he can be a very good starting player in the NFL. He needs work on a few things, but those should be easy fixes.