Powered paraglider - The Adrenaline Rush You Have Been Craving With a Powered Paraglider

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<ol><li> 1. http://ftparamotors.com/powered-paragliderFirst On The Bucket List: A Powered ParagliderFinally, the dream of flying has become a reality! But you dont know where to start or which form ofextreme sport flying you want to trysearch no more! A powered paraglider will match everything thatyou have been looking for and more! These amazing machines offer unlimited options to where you cango and what you can see. The difference between a paraglider and this sport is that you have a motorattached to you with a back pack harness, so it does most of the work for you.One of the first questions you might ask yourself is what kind of flying experience do you want to have?With a variety of model and brands for powered paragliders, you dont have to settle for anything lessthan what you want. And it doesnt hurt that the prices vary so that if you are a little tight on thebudget right now you can get into something dependable and affordable!There are accessories you can purchase that really are able to customize your machine to fit you. Lovea specific brand of motor, but hate the paraglider wing? No problem! You can purchase the poweredparaglider that you want and switch out the paraglider wing to a different size to allow you to go faster,or a different style all together. You can also purchase helmets that have radios so that if you and yourbuddy go out you can communicate while in the air!If safety is something that is holding you back from trying a powered paraglider, then stop worrying. Thedesigners have thought of just about everything do that each pilot can feel confident and capable whileup in the air. There are so many different safety features that are offered now, how could you feel thatthis is any more dangerous than any other extreme sport? A few of the safety feature that should belooked at before buying a machine is a double hoop around the propeller and extra strong Kevlar nettingwhich helps you to stay out of the propeller area.Powered paragliders offer a thrill that you wont find with anything else. You can climb higher, go faster,and travel farther without any additional effort. Think of what you are missing out on: an opportunity todo something youve always dreamed of while taking in breath taking sights. Stop making excuses andstart your adventure today!http://ftparamotors.com/powered-paraglider</li></ol>