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Thanx for making my life beautiful

Lov story.2 diffferent life comes togetherA sweet looveee storyyy beginsssss.

Oooppssss..Ye kya hogya lov story shuru hone s pehle hi LADAI,,,,Lagta hai galat photo paste ho gyi,,, P.T.O.Intoducing the girl of story,,,,

Nw the sexy hero,,,,I,,,

Both were busy in there life..The girl ws happy with her lifeThe boy ws happy with his life.No connection - no interactionLife goes black n white .Bt suddenly 1 day,,,,,,,,,Book.FACEBOOK

Both were wow..Boy went into the bed

Girl went outside the bed

Finally boy proposd the girl..scene 1Boy ws supr nervousdestinatn 10:12 begins..Boy-do u hav band aid?Girl-KYA??.girl ws surprisd.then replied.Girl-nhi.

Scene 2boy-acha do u hv dettol?girl wsnt surprisd nd replied yes.Nw boy nervs was matching the speed of light.

Scene 3There ws no power supply,boy was dipped in sweat bt ws not losing the hope.Boy closed his eye,,then

Scene 4Boy-I GOT HURT IN MY KNEE WHEN I FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU.,nw nic word by girl.Girl-KYA..

Scene 5Boy repeated his precious lines 2 tims,,but reply ws same KYA..The guy was diappointed and he replied kuch nhiScene 6YESSSSS..,,, kya, a complete word ,,,,, which makes a complete life in a momentGirl-yesMoment where nthing else ws required except one more yesYEESSSS..I LOVE U

Last scene,, which leads a beautiful begnningNot able to witness the reactn of the girl ,, bt boy ws jumping like kangaroo on his bed.Because destination of 10:12 was completed.



wow a love story begins witout an end flying couple

Happy couple

Home sweet home,,, where love live its happy life.ARRE kahan gya.y sensor board bhiAfter a long timeAs we were expecting ,,, ..same thing haapppennnssss.Pyare pyare Baccchhee.


Ye pyaar humme kis mod p leaayaa.-------------------------------------Ilove You..,,Ka happy end.bye..

Must watch