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Announcements 08.10.14

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Announcements for 08.10.14

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Spring RiverAssembly of God

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Nursery Workers Schedule

August 10 – LeaOna/ShyleeAugust 17 – Boone/Kerry August 24 – Cheryl/Carmen

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Greeters Schedule

August 10 – WhiteAugust 17 – Red August 24 – Blue

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• For updates on church events

• For prayer requests/praise reports

• To stay better connected with your church family

• For encouragement for your walk with God

Just search for “Spring River Assembly of God” and click “Like” and any status updates will show up in your news feed.

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Check us out online

• Sermons• Calendar• Info on ministries


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Join us on Wednesdays at Spring River7pm

Royal Rangers and Mpact Girls Ministries

Worship ServiceIn Sanctuary

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“Is this your first time at Spring River?”

We would love to know that you were with us today.You can do that by filling out a

“Connection Card”(located on the back of each pew/chairs)

After filling it out, you can put it in the offering plate as it comes by you later in the service.

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Have you moved? Phone number changed?

Would you like to receive email updates/reminders on church events, needs, prayer requests, etc.?

Just fill out a

Connection Card(located on the back of each pew/chairs)

After filling it out, you can put it in the offering plate as it comes by you later in the service.

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Have a prayer request?

Would you like more information on: Becoming a follower of Christ, Water Baptism,Church membership, Serving at Spring River or

Other information?

You can let us know by filling out the back of a

Connection Card(Located on the back of each pew/chair)

After filling it out, you can put it in the offering plate as it comes by you later in the service.

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Free Bible App for smartphone users

• Features numerous Bible translations• Numerous Bible reading plans and devotions

If you are looking for a way to help your reading be more consistent in 2014, download this app (iPhone & Android apps available, just check your phone’s app store).

You can also access online at www.youversion.com

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$ Help needed…

A few weeks ago, we had 6 middle/high school students attend camp.

Over the past month or so, they worked hard to raise over $1000 towards camp. They are continuing to work to raise all of it.

To fully cover their registrations, they still need over $400.

If you would be willing to help with the rest of their registration fees, please mark your offering envelope, “Youth Camp.” Thank you!!!

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FridayAugust 22nd

FREE Popcorn, tea, and lemonade

We will be showing this OUTSIDE in the parking

lot after dark.

Invite your friends, family and coworkers!!!

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Church 101: Discovering Church Membership

Monday August 18th 7pm – 8:30pm

Fellowship HallThis is for anyone wanting to become a member of Spring River AG AND any current members who would like more info on church beliefs, government, mission or getting involved in ministries of Spring River AG.

Sign up in the foyer or Connection Card (located on back of pew, put in offering plate) by Sunday August 17th

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Church Secretary Position Available Soon

After 10 years of faithful service to Spring River Assembly of God, our secretary, Gretta Day, is sensing it is time for a change in her life.

So, we will be looking for a new secretary/bookkeeper. We will be looking for someone who has bookkeeping/financial skills, as well as clerical skills.

If you know of someone who would be interested, please have them submit resumes to the church office.

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You are invited…

To celebrate the marriage of

Mitchell Hart&

Leeah Day

Saturday August 162pm

Here at Spring River

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Join us next Sunday morningas we welcome special guests…

Bryan & Misty ElliotMissionaries to Wales

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Skeet Shooting@

Show Me BirdsSunday Aug. 24


$9.00 – bring own shells$16.00 – purchase shells there

Please sign up in the foyer if you plan to shoot skeet and what food item(s) you plan to bring.

Meal will be hamburgers (we will provide the meat, donations appreciated).

We are asking men to bring buns, cheese, 2-liters of pop, etc.

Even if you don’t want to shoot, we invite you to come. Bring fishing gear and you can fish or play washerboard.

Page 18: Announcements 08.10.14

Ladies of Spring RiverSunday Aug. 24


Sundae Sunday!

Barbara Robinson, giving her testimony

Please sign up to bring ice cream or toppings.

Sign-up sheet is located at the sound booth.