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Case of Symantec Erp Turmoil and its Answer

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2. SYMANTEC A leading software vendor specialized in Security and Information Management Well known for Norton brand of security products Operates in more than 40 countries and consist over 17500 employees. In 2005, the company made its largest acquisition to date, acquiring Veritas Software for approx. $13.5 billion 3. Use of Common Software After acquisition, it began an ERP rollout known as Project Oasis. Its goal was to create a single ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system Both companies were using Oracle E-Business suit 11d prior to the merger. Which seemed a good thing for SYMANTECs business operation 4. Requirement & Benefits Combined companys enterprise system was needed to combine Symantec and Veritas data from key business processes A common enterprise system would also reduce the cost of maintaining Symantecs IT infrastructure and licensing fees for the enterprise software. 5. Steps Taken by Symantec Company opted to upgrade to oracles E-Business suite on Sun Solaris Server They used oracle fusion middleware portal on the front end ,providing a single point for all of partners and customers 6. Problem with New System The initial reaction of launching the new system was unquestionably negative Users were unhappy with this new system Customers began calling Symantecs support team for solution in record numbers ,but the company was unprepared to meet the increased demand for customer support Waiting time ballooned from an average of 2 min. to an average of 25 min. for a call 7. Problem Continued Once customer reached a Symantec employee they had to spend 20 more min. troubleshooting the problems and they were often told that there was nothing that could be done Customers were also unhappy with Symantecs changes to its stock-keeping unit product system 8. Decision Backfired Symantec tried to improve the systems by single set of codes, But- Some small distributors and partners didnt update their system to handle new SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) system Extended the date but the overhaul still represented an annoyance for many customers Changes to software licensing were another irritating thing to customer Kept couple of weeks in getting license Not coordinated with rest of the project OASIS Difficulty in buying Symantecs products via companies like Ingram Micro Partners were unhappy with time consuming processes 9. Result of Missteps Symantec was in danger to loose many loyal customers Companys shortsightedness in implementing project OASIS Earnings were less than expected Needed to cut $200 million in annual costs Top management had to confess their mistakes 10. Project Nero For the purpose of undoing mistakes, the company immediately came up with Project Nero. The goal was to recapture the loyalty of customers who got annoyed after OASIS. This was planned to done by- Reaching to those customers Fixing the problems with their information systems to improve response time and streamline operations 11. Implementation Company added 150 customer representatives to handle increased volumes of calls reduce wait times increase customer satisfaction Companys executives travelled the country for improving relations with angered customers and partners Symantec also used Net promoter technology to measure and increase customer loyalty 12. Result Symantecs customer satisfaction levels which were extremely low after OASIS, improved after Nero project Symantec reported that it now enjoys satisfaction level at par with the rest of the industry and averted a potential danger, though they never revealed the result of net promoters survey and their total damage 13. Questions 14. Q1. What concepts in this chapter are illustrated in this case? 15. Q2. What Management, Organization, and Technology factors were responsible for Symantecs difficulties in overhauling its ERP systems? 16. Q3. Was Symantecs response to the problem adequate? Explain your reasoning 17. Q4. What would you have done differently to prevent the implementation problems that arose at Symantec? 18. Q5. If you were a partner or customer of Symantec, would you have switched vendors in response to the ERP overhaul issues? Why or why not? 19. Conclusion Symantecs ERP Turmoil shows that even the most careful planning and well designed system can quickly go down if customers are unable to understand or use the information system properly 20. Thanks For Your Time