Social Customer Service & Experience (SCSX): A Case Study

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Miguel Henales, e-business Director and Sara Losa, International Marketing Manager from Iberia Airlines/IAG Group share their social customer service case study.

Text of Social Customer Service & Experience (SCSX): A Case Study

  • 1.Social Customer Service and Experience: A Case Study

2. Index 1. INTRODUCTION 2. GLOBAL DIGITAL STATISTICS 3. EVOLUTION OF THE CSS / CONTACT CENTER 4. ICON / EXAMPLE OF LOCAL MANAGEMENT SOCIAL EXPERIENCE 5. THREEFOLD SUCCESS OF IBERIAS CSCX 6. THE 9 KEY ELEMENTS OF LOCAL CSCX MANAGEMENT 7. UNIQUE EXPERIENCE IN OUR COUNTRY 3. user demand for digital and social interaction and relationships. to Customer Support Services, Contact Centres and Customer Experience. Introduction Emergence of Social Networks has brought about These relationships must be adapted 4. Global Statistics SOUTH AMERICAAMERICA 408,157,815 TOTAL POPULATION 193,655,950 INTERNET USERS 179,145,980 ACTIVE SOCIAL NETWORK USERS 508,079,743 ACTIVE MOBILE SUBSCRIPTIONS 83% 17% 47% 44% 124% Urban Internet penetration Social network penetration Mobile subscription penetration Rural 5. Global Statistics CENTRAL AMERICAAMERICA 195,127,178 TOTAL POPULATION 66,034,487 INTERNET USERS 66,951,880 ACTIVE SOCIAL NETWORK USERS 173,787,140 ACTIVE MOBILE SUBSCRIPTIONS 71% 29% 34% 34% 89% Urban Internet penetration Social network penetration Mobile subscription penetration 6. Global Statistics MOBILE INDICATORS AMERICA 60.51M ACTIVE MOBILE INTERNET BROADBAND USAGE 50% MOBILE INTERNET BROADBAND USAGE VS TOTAL POPULATION 38.61M ACTIVE MOBILE SOCIAL MEDIA USERS 32% ACTIVE MOBILE SOCIAL MEDIA USERS VS TOTAL POPULATION # # 7. Global Statistics DATA SUMMARYSPAIN 47,370,542 TOTAL POPULATION 33,870,948 INTERNET USERS 19,600,000 ACTIVE FACEBOOK USERS 55,740,000 ACTIVE MOBILE SUBSCRIPTIONS 23% 72% 41% 119% Urban Internet penetration Facebook penetration Mobile penetration 77% Rural 8. Global Statistics INTERNET INDICATORS SPAIN 3H 59M AVERAGE TIME THAT INTERNET USERS SPEND ON THE INTERNET EACH DAY THROUGH A DESKTOP OR LAPTOP 61% MOBILE INTERNET PENETRATION VS TOTAL POPULATION 1H 45M AVERAGE TIME THAT MOBILE INTERNET USERS SPEND ON MOBILE INTERNET EACH DAY 9. Global Statistics HIGHLIGHTSSPAIN Spain: 5th country in the world for social network use (50% of the total population) 18 million on Facebook (12 active on a daily basis), 17 on Tuenti, 5 on Twitter, 5 on Linkedin 20 on WhatsApp and Instagram and Pinterest are blowing up AN UNPRECEDENTED EVOLUTION Customer/Consumer Service, Contact Centre and Customer Experience 10. Evolution of the Contact Centre We live for instant messaging. Talking on the phone is boring! I got a new phone. 12 Million People on Facebook every day. Establish preferences Clients demand and require real time Peers can answer for you/amplify Its best to adapt to the new way of life 11. Evolution of the Contact Centre Give the customer attention and engagement (customer intimacy), pass through reputation and arrive at recommendation. 12. COMPARE BUY EXPERIENCESEARCH RECOMMEND Right now, customer service is a key touchpoint in the journey/experience, including the decision process itself (active with direct contact and/or passive with regular searches) FROM THE DIGITAL EXPERIENCE >>> TO THE SOCIALIZATION OF THE DIGITAL EXPERIENCE Example of local management social experience 13. Web Flight Check in online: passbook #IberiaFlightStatus Social Seating iPads TCP real world vs online Wifi On Air On board entertainment Social Contact Centre: H2H (human2human) Fly & Friends Social Media Example of local management social experience 14. INSPIRATION PLANNING BOOKING FLIGHT Iberi a Soci al Fl i ght Example of local management social experience 15. Our boarding process started with the Icelandic volcano and our maturity came with the closing of Spains air space: public social service Prize-winning strategies and tactics on social media through media and social media organisations. Muestra s We update 20+ social channels on 11 different networks every day. 1.7 million+ multilingual followers. We attend to 1.000 enquiries/day We aspire to become leaders for local management of customer service and social experience in the airline industry. Threefold success for Iberias CSCX 16. 1st Key Human2Humanmethod ology (H2H) 2nd Key Real time and 24/7 Social Central Command 3rd Key High interaction communities >> User generated content 4th Key Native multilingual and multicultural digital teams >> social experts 5th Key Social influencers active relationships 6th Key Social commerce 7th Key Satisfied customers 8th Key Reputation protection 9th Key Measurement of results Social Customer Service & Experience (SCSX) Qualitative developmen t Strategic focus Operating base The 9 key elements of local CSCX management 17. Through social networks, we provide a soul and a humanised service/product We teach our clients about our service and the use of social networks as a direct gateway to online self-management HUMAN2HUMAN1st KEY We apply our own personalisation methodology, based on Human2Human (H2H) The 9 key elements of local CSCX management 18. Back office: use of todays most sophisticated tool for monitoring, managing and analysis/reporting Front office: multi-screen pull of streaming attractions of our owned media and the general social ecosystem. Non-stop action-reaction, 24/7, 365 days a year, with trained teams using the same philosophy/management strategies. 24/7 SOCIAL CENTER COMMAND2nd KEY We manage in real time and 24/7 from our countrys first social central command The 9 key elements of local CSCX management 19. Presence and participation of evangelists on our networks (in&out of Iberia) who help us explain, stay down to earth and make the dynamics of our business and product understood. We sustain high-interaction communities with the Peer2Peer (P2P) participatory spirit INTERACTION AND USER GENERATED CONTENT3rd KEY We sustain high-interaction communities with the Peer2Peer (P2P) / User generated content/ participatory spirit The 9 key elements of local CSCX management 20. Our operation is multilingual, multi-market and multicultural A mixed multidisciplinary team (internal and external), multilingual and specialising in various areas of social media that form a large HUB of coordination between all the companys departments NATIVE DIGITAL TEAMS4th KEY We have a native digital team of service and social experience experts The 9 key elements of local CSCX management 21. Plane spotters, serious aviation fans, leaders in aviation, social media, lifestyle a pull of collaborators that help give an independent perspective through companies invited on our blogs and exclusive invitations to events SOCIAL INFLUENCERS ACTIVE RELATIONSHIPS5th KEY We interact with social influencers and actively seek their cooperation The 9 key elements of local CSCX management 22. Challenge: digitising Iberia Method: permeate the company with digital DNA Applications for Android and iPhone for handheld devices Inflight Wifi Individualization of the offer >> User Interests Database SOCIAL COMMERCE6th KEY We promote social commerce (s-commerce) via traffic, leads and e-commerce The 9 key elements of local CSCX management 23. We interact with an average of 30,000 conversation threads a month for all communities. We tend to 25,000/30,000 enquiries, questions, incident reports, complaints and social bullying every month SATISFIED CUSTOMERS7th KEY We attend to and resolve direct and indirect complaints until the customer is satisfied The 9 key elements of local CSCX management 24. We have lived through the social upheaval of top commercial aviation crises recently in our country. REPUTATION PROTECTION8th KEY We protect our reputation, prevent social bullying and manage conflicts/crises The 9 key elements of local CSCX management Thanks to Iberias proactivity, our social channels have come out stronger. During the air traffic controller crisis and the closing of Spanish air space, Iberia and its social networks became a source of breaking news consulted by users and news media alike. 25. Each one of the actions and developments are analysed with regard to objectives in order to take the correct next step. MEASUREMENT AND ANALYSIS9th KEY We analyse each action and extract results in order to continue evolving The 9 key elements of local CSCX management We use several analysis tools: 26. Our results A strenght and consistent digital and social experience A customer service adapted to the 21st Century. A satisfied user who will probably recommend our service. 27. Thank you. Miguel Henales Digital Business Director Sara Losa Social Media & International Marketing / Marketing Division