Mapping the customer experience with customer experience journey maps

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Do you know what your organization looks like from your customers perspective? In the digital age, silos and organizational bureaucracy manifest themselves through your digital presence. You can bridge these silos and overcome a bureaucratic inside-out mindset by visualizing the customer (learner, elder, citizen) experience through a customer experience journey map that captures both actual and emotional aspects of the customer experience. Then, map in hand, you can use it to write great outside-in customer experiences for your organization.


  • mapping thecustomerexperiencecustomer experience journey maps flickr
  • connect & attract compellingadvocate captures imagination orienting reverberating orient help them you just have navigate the to try this world generative embedded promise more become part good things of their livesextend & retain interact The Experience Cycle, Hugh Dubberly
  • only thing I can do is copy everything thats happened into an email and send it on so, youre saying the you misplaced the service tech closed the Im calling with your issue insurance claim one of the ticket & since you dont number service techs filed, so he have an open ticket, you no open ticket has to do another visit to cant do anything until you prepare the claim? send out another tech to no record of claim open a new ticket? 2 weeks later make it to 2nd level service why I havent been called back? the visit was so the notices damage, takes pictures service tech could give the & fills in clam form brand new service shows up & asks why am I go ahead to replace the dishwasher! takes pictures & fills in here? whats wrong with claim form youve got to be the dishwasher? 2 weeks later kidding me... what a way to make me feel warm & fuzzy guess they havent heard of the plain English campaign months (and lots of hair pulling) laterWell replace the dishwasher. But a service techhas to give the go ahead. Well send one over.
  • connect & attractadvocate no content to enable decision making no proactive detract orient education, incorr you really dont want to go through this ect use fail to know me, fail dissolving rubber, to resolve issues, fail mould, leaking, no to educate during troubleshooting, disencextend & retain service, misplace documents hanted service tech interact
  • Empathy is not walking in anothers shoes. First, you mustremove your own. Scott Cook, Founder Intuit
  • Statistics are merely indicators. Like numbers and gauges on thedashboard of a car. No single reading can advise on the health of the car. The gauges, along with the sound of the car itself, the handling, look and feel, and smell of burning rubber all combine togive an indication that your beloved motor may be under the weather. art of community
  • journey maps promote emotional contact withinsight, distilling research into a concise, visuallycompelling story of the customers experience design for service???? this is service design???
  • experience as story
  • Emotions determine memorywhen we recount a memory, were sharing theexperience of the story we created, not the actualexperience
  • customers always have an experience(good, bad, or indifferent) Managing the Total Customer Experience, MIT Sloan
  • Consciously and our emotional brain (95%)unconsciously filter cluesand organize them intorationaland our rational brainemotionalimpressions
  • emotionsinfluence whatweremember, how we evaluateencounters,& ourdecisions Designing the Soft Side of Customer Service, MIT Sloan
  • trustis a primitivepsychologicalvariableessential tobuildingrelationships
  • controlover ourenvironment andknowledge ofhow events aregoing to evolveis fundamentalpsychologicalneed
  • experiencesare the stories you tell yourself as a result of interactions with emotional resonance processes misery inside out systems moments which happen at touchpoints Brandon Schauer, The (Near) Future of Managing Experiences
  • Customerexperienceis the full, end-to-endexperience.It starts when you first hearabout Amazon from a friend,and ends when you get thepackage in the mail and open it.Jeff Bezos
  • Customerexperienceis the perceptionthat customershave of theirinteractions withan organization.Bruce Temkin
  • Rather than creatinga set of messagesand images thatassociate a companyand its products withemotionalvalues, experiencepioneers will befocused on creatinga business thatdelivers the brand asan experienceincorporating thesevalues. How to Lead the Customer Experience
  • brand as design interactionsexperience connect emotionally