EarlyBridge case the power of a branded customer experience

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The power of a branded customer experience Create customer loyalty to your brand by mobilizing your workforce to deliver a branded customer experience in every customer interaction.

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  • 1. Turning CaseThought Into ActionstudyBRINGING BRAND VALUES TO LIFE FOR A DIFFERENTIATED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCECreate customer loyalty to your brand by mobilizing your workforce to deliver a branded customer experience inevery customer interactionThe power of a branded and differentiatedcustomer experience A call center for a large DutchThe bank wanted the channel to bank had been floundering in sell, sell, sell. Customers were their performance for more thandemonstrating that they were a year. It gave them pause tocalling for service and were in- think about what they could do toterested in buying as part of the break through to a new level. It overall solution to their problem was the peak of the financial cri- but not as the focus of their sis: satisfaction was down, salescall. There was a mismatch in were declining and customers how the channel was positioned were very skeptical of all banks.and how customers used the Driving a turnaround in this envi- channel. The vision and strategy ronment would be a challenge was adjusted to account for this but it was nonetheless necessary shift in thinking and a program to take action before it was too for differentiated customer ex- late.perience was born. EarlyBridge facilitated the man- Differentiated customer experi- agement team in gaining insightence put the customer at the cen- into the strategy and positioningter of the business allowing theorganization to think and act in of their channel for the bank.the customers best interests.Impact Customer satisfaction was 15% higher in the pilot group compared to the test group Employee engagement was 56% higher in the pilot group compared to their colleagues inthe same business line Sales conversion for the pilot teams was above the average for the rest of the business line

2. EarlyBridge BVHerengracht 5181017 CC AMSTERDAMCustomers askedThe Netherlandswhats happening 31 (0) 20 715 5918over there!Agents understanding of their role and their confidencein delivering the right customer experience improved5 building blocksEarlyBridge helped team managers focus on making a difference by be-The program was designed using Ear-ing vigilant in the small things thatCritical Success FactorslyBridges customer engagement make a big impact for customers:model. This model uses five building Positive language, speaking in pos- Five building blocksblocks to define and deliver the right sibilities for the customercustomized to thecustomer experience: Understanding the customer needbusiness and the ob- Brand values behind the service questionjectives Customer profiles in the form of Applying their knowledge filter for personas identified by the group the benefit of the customer themselves Moments of truth based on knownManagement focus on the cus- customer needstomer Making the challenge Channel characteristics small for the organi- Customer context Alongside the transformation of thezation call center agents and their approach to managing their customer interac- tions as experiences, the managers were turning their regular team meetings into opportunities to focus Turning the existing on the customer. Next to their nor-management meeting mal management activities, teamstructure into an managers would coach agents andopportunity to putA differentiated experiencewould use their team meetings to the customer at the focus the discussion on the momentscenter of the busi-The building blocks were customized to of truth for customers ness and focus on thedeliver on the desired branded experi-differentiated cus-ence for the customer contact center Impact tomer experienceusing the brand values as the umbrella. Call center agents reported that theirThe call center agents were trained in customer interactions took on a morethe five building blocks and the effort positive character. Customers werewas translated into a practical ap- Internal customer asking what they were doing differ-proach using three phases of the con- ently. Customer satisfaction im- experience coachestact in relationship to the customer proved and sales conversion re-who learned how toexperience: mained above the average for the use the five building Create space in the customer inter- blocks to continually line. actionstimulate new cus- Recognize that the customer is openEmployee engagement soared thankstomer focused behav- for a broader conversationto involving the agents in the build-iours in the organiza- Take the opportunity to advise the ing blocks and returning the focus oftion customer on their banking needs intheir work to the customers and their the form of new products/services,needs. A differentiated customer ex- extra service or simply reinforcing perience delivered the breakthrough that they are a valued customer they were looking for. info@earlybridge.comwww.earlybridge.com