Reliving History Through Social Media: What Would Abe Lincoln Tweet?

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Just in time for Presidents' Day, this infographic looks at the trend of reliving history through social media, either through imagined posts and photos, or recreated play by play of historical events.

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  • 1. OFFERSImaginedPostsFROMNo one would deny that social media continues to play a big part in current events. It has helped a nation rally together to overthrow a corrupt dictator, helped presidents win re-election and helped inform citizens during times of local and national tragedies. This makes us wonder about the impact social media could have had on major events in history. Indeed, the list is long for historical events that would have been changed forever through the power of social media. Historical gures, too.RELIVING HISTORY THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA Recently, you could follow @jfk_1963, from the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, for tweets from President John F. Kennedys 1,000 days in ofce. It culminated with the recapping of the events on the 50th anniversary of his assassination on Nov. 22.RAW FOOTAGE OF ASSASSINATION FROM MOBILE DEVICES#DALLAS #PRESIDENTSHOT #WHATHAPPENEDTOJACKIE@WChapelRealTime@TitanicRealTimeA glimpse of Vistorian London ofImagine minute by minute tweets1888 during Jack the Ripperscoming from the shipAutumn of Terrorduring its nal hoursAnyone got a more creative way of saying 87 years? #help @MLK_JR@Noah in the Bible: @2Ducks you have to come. RT@God Theres a big ood coming yr way.Bought a sleep journal. I keep having dreams but forget to write them down.VISUAL HISTORY VIA INSTAGRAM But history it not just about words. And proves this with imagined Instagram photos from historical gures, or as they say, History depicted as Instagrams.TheGreatest:FidelCas:CDarwin:davinci:@JFrazier, if you evenUna #sele de cuandoHey, we r all animalsShout out to my girldream of beating me, youera mas young. Liberar#movember@monalisa for helpingbetter wake up and#cuba forever y porme out. #renaissanceapologize. #TKO tonightsiempre.#art#ThrillaInManillaWhat is it about history and historical gures that makes imagined posts and reliving of history so popular? Part of it has to do with social media, itself. History also gives us a shared connection, as its something that we are all familiar with at various levels.LEARN MORE ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA AND HOW IT HAS IMPACTED OUR EVERYDAY LIVES AT: