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Superstar Vape Inc.

Superstar Vape Inc.

Superstar Vape Inc. proudly distributes premium Cannabidiol products. Superstar is based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. The company was founded in August, 2014. We take pride in our products and customers. About Superstar Vape Inc.

What is Cannabidiol?Cannabidiol or for short term CBD oil is extracted from the marijuana plant. CBD oil is one of the 85 chemical substances known as cannabinoids found in cannabis. The oil takes up to 40% of the plant's extract. Humans have been using CBD oil for thousands of years!

Cannabidiol is an all natural health benefiter. CBD helps with Acne, Arthritis, Anxiety, Autoimmune Diseases, ASL, Bone Growth, Chronic Pain, Crohns Disease, Cancer, Depression, Diabetes, Epileptic Seizures, Inflammation, Insomnia, Mental Disorders, Nausea, Nerve Damage, Obesity, Pain Relief and much more!What does CBD do?

CBD oil doesnt get the user high unlike THC.THC causes the user to become high by binding to the CB1 receptor in the brain. Cannabidiol connects to the CB2 receptor in the brain causing it to have a different reaction to the nervous system. No psycho active effect is caused by CBD oil. Will CBD oil get the user high?

The user can find many forms to use CBD Oil to which comforts them. The user can use drops in the mouth or in food, oil to put into a vapor pen, rub balm on them, take pills, spray it, eat in as in edibles or candy, drink it in water, and much more. Ways to use CBD Oil

Cannbidiol has no side effects. Thats why users turn more towards CBD than THC which is in Marijuana. CBD oil is safe for children and even pets!What are the side effects?

Cannabidiol has been proven to help animals live a longer and healthier life. CBD oil also helps pets have a sense of calmness and eases any pain. Pets can use Cannabidiol too?

Cannabidiol is a safer alternative than prescription medicines. There are many side effects in prescription medicines versus none in CBD oil. Cannabidiol is an all natural wellness agent. Its safe and effective. CBD oil in all is a healthier life style. Why CBD Oil?

At Superstar Vape Inc. we carry a wide variety of products. The next slides will show you what products we distribute. Products We Carry

Pet Supplement Drops are CBD oil drops for your pet. The drops come in 250 Mgs and the flavor is Natural. Directions: one to two drops per day orally or can be put into the pets food. Pet Supplement Drops

CBD Recovery Cream is used to rub onto the body where pain is occurring such as muscle pain, back pain, and arthritis. The scent used is citra. Use as many times as needed. CBD Recovery Cream

CBD Pain Relief Spray is used to spray onto the body where pain is occurring such as muscle pain, back pain, and arthritis. The scent it comes in is citra. CBD Pain Relief Spray

CBD Drops come in a variety of flavors such as grape, blueberry, cotton candy and much more. The drops come in 300 Mgs, 500 Mgs and 1000 Mgs. You put the drops underneath your tongue for about 15 seconds. Use up to 15 times daily. CBD Drops

CBD Oils come in a wide variety of flavors such as blueberry, strawberry, watermelon and much more. The oils come in 30 Mgs, 60 Mgs, 100 Mgs, 250 Mgs, and 300 Mgs. CBD oils are used by vaping them in a vapor pen. CBD Oils

CBD Edibles are chewy chocolates that contain Cannabidiol. The tasty chews come in 10 Mgs. The flavor is dark mint chocolate. CBD Edibles

CBD Capsules are pills filled with CBD oil. The user takes two capsules daily. CBD Capsules

Why Invest in Superstar? Superstar Vape Inc. is an emerging player in the high growth of the Cannabidiol Market. The companys primary focus is on developing products to support the CBD industry. The goal is to provide high quality and effective organic products such as cannabidiol water, drops, oil, edibles, pet supplements, cream and spray .

Our company focuses towards enhancing a healthy lifestyle for adults, children and pets with providing them with products that are a better medicinal alternative. Superstars products also enable cigarette smokers to have a similar sensation to inhaling tobacco without the health related issues commonly associated with cigarettes. Our company is primarily focusing on educational seminars to educate the public on leaning towards Cannabidiol rather than prescription drugs. What is your companys focus?

Superstars goal is to be the company that sets and exceeds its standards to help patients think about Cannabidiol in a healthy alternative. By introducing our Superstar Vape Inc. products worldwide to our customers we can reach that goal. Superstar Vape Inc. Goal