Wars of the World Who will prevail?

Wars of the world

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Wars of the WorldWho will prevail?

Page 2: Wars of the world

4th World War

We have entered the 4th world war, a silent one, the one which is not rendered for the profit (business as usual) but the one for total enslavement or/and eradication of the human race. We are literally on a crossroad; and we have an undisputed responsibility to act. Either we let “them” lead us to ultra-totalitarian, hyper-fascist society or even total extinction; or we can go toward evolutionary quantum leap and actualization of enormous human and post-human potential.

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3rd World WarWe had already lost the 3rd world war (an ‘information war’), which “they” capitalized and won on creating pseudo-realities. As Jean Baudrillard, in his Simulacra and Simulation (1981), stated; with a hyper production of the media, value comes to zero, since in this hyper-reality the references collapse in the same reality they refer to.

They have fed us and still are with endless media channels, torrents of information, hooked us to gadgets, social networks, games etc., giving us an illusion of freedom, however we became more enslaved than ever. And it will go further as the technology advances. I once was a cyber-freak, now I am scared of it as hell. The solution is not technology, but the actualization of the cosmic being.

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‘fundamental ontology’You might call me crazy, but I truly believe that we are able to download information or knowledge from collective conciseness without any media or technology; we are able to achieve ‘absolute cognition’ (Heidegger positions it as a ‘fundamental ontology’) actualizing cognizance without any dialectical tools; and furthermore to come to a locus to be able to tap into cosmic reason or being.

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“mutually supportive entities”My ideas presuppose canceling ‘social contract’ per se and creating or actualizing new syntax, new system and new paradigm, without any recollection to the previous system, Present paradigm carried by the ‘social contract’ presupposes surrendering ones’ freedom for and to the social order and accepting social adaptation. The system is impotent, as it is its own purpose, a vicious cycle that can only be canceled by overwriting it with the new idiosyncratic system. Furthermore, it carries the paradigm “survival of the fittest”, which actually means; for the one to live the other has to die. We have to change that paradigm to “mutually supportive entities” (‘Waking life’ movie, Telescoping Evolution). Furthermore, it means the fittest are not the intelligent ones, or ones without mind or other boundaries, it means fittest are the ones with the biggest bat (or the most aggressive ones).

Page 6: Wars of the world

The Prison System• Michel Foucault in his Discipline and

Punish: The Birth of the Prison (1975), states how reform of the prison system in the US was transfered as a format used in every other social institutions, such as schools, hospitals, etc.

• On the other hand, in his publication Power – Essential works of Foucault 1954-1984 vol. 3 (1994), he contends that the power is not a rigid entity in the hands of a few, it is a rather a dynamic network and the power is constantly exchanged. If that is so, there is a tremendous chance to utilize on this gap in the system. Such a liquid dynamic or unstable system is wide open to create new systems and new realities beyond ‘social contract’.

Page 7: Wars of the world

Impotency of the social system• Since I haven’t developed the ability

or a channel to stream the ideas directly into collective consciences (working on it :), I have to use the media, a message striped of value. WikiLeaks didn’t succeed, Anonymous, TEDX also, and numerous others; I probably will not either… because of the same pseudo-reality (and media circus) and the impotency of the social system. However, one should never give up trying to find new channels.

• To be continued… The story about us and them; or social dynamics and power distribution.

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