How Your Brand Can Succeed on Instagram

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Mobloggy breaks down how to use Instagram for your brand.


  • 1.How Your Brand Can Succeed on Instagram

2. Content is Key Know what content to post for your brand Lifestyle photos Your brand in real life Behind the scenes Create a community through your content 3. Behind the Scenes What its like to be you What you do to get to the final product Feeling like they have a part in the process Builds a relationship between you and the audience 4. Hashtags Create a language unique to your brand that consumers will want to follow Engaging captions Call to action Trending hash tags #tbt, #instagood, #SNL 5. Content Dos and Donts DO: Share exclusive content Extent a brand voice Take cues from current events, holidays and trends DONT: Overwhelm followers by posting multiple pictures at once Use your account to advertise Post URLs (you can not click them on Instagram) Post just to post 6. Timing is Everything Do your research Decide when users are most interactive Statigram App Post during highly active times Post at least once a week 7. Be Responsive Follow back Respond to comments Repost followers images Builds a relationship with your followers 8. We are here to help! If you are need more info visit our blog instagram/ Contact us: (970) 390-1113