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BUILD YOUR BRAND WITH INSTAGRAM.AMAURY TREGUER SENIOR STRATEGIST, WE ARE SOCIAL5 INSTAGRAM TIPS FOR BUSINESSES BUILD YOUR BRAND WITH INSTAGRAM#1 BE A GOOD CURATOR BUILD YOUR BRAND WITH INSTAGRAM#2 WORK WITH INFLUENCERS BUILD YOUR BRAND WITH INSTAGRAM#3 SCHEDULE POSTS BUILD YOUR BRAND WITH INSTAGRAMBEFORE WORK LUNCH TIME AFTER WORK BEFORE SLEEP#4 INCLUDE CTAs BUILD YOUR BRAND WITH INSTAGRAM#5 TRACK YOUR EFFORTS BUILD YOUR BRAND WITH INSTAGRAMTHANK YOU. BUILD YOUR BRAND WITH INSTAGRAM@MORNINGBONDI | @AMAURYTREGUER#1 - Be a good curator The Worlds Biggest Social Team Australia Wins at Instagram The Cool Hunter GoPro #2 - Work with influencers Miranda Kerr & Jaguar Australia Moda Creative Ministry of Talent Dmarge & Aquila ACCC guidelines #3 - Schedule posts Schedugram Iconosquare References4# - Include CTAs Morning Bondi Bondi Venus City of Sydney #5 - Track your eorts Bitly Google Analytics Iconosquare Followers+ Download Apple Followers+ Download Android - - - - Amaury Treguer Linkedin | Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram Morning Bondi Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr