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A few slides highlight why is different.

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2. A different kind ofgene web service 3. WonderWhy? 4. >14Kspecies>50annotationtypes>17MgenesIt covers MORE:andstillgrowing 5. It's alwaysUP-TO-DATEUpdated Weeklylatest stats at /metadata 6. It's so simple...No signupNo API key 7. Just TWOendpointsOne for queryinggene hitsOne for retrievinggene annotations/v2/query/v2/gene/ 8. It's blazing fastso you can use itdirectly in yourapplications for real-timequeries 9. It's "non-blocking"so more users can make queriesat the same time 10. stress test suggests support for:>5,000 concurrent usersfor~10,000requests per minute 11. It's scalableSowe canscale-upeasily to meetincreaseddemands 12. Get started nowStart by: Learn MoreTrying outour live APILearning from thedocumentationCheck outthis moretechnical slideset