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Business Facilities Magazine 2010 State Rankings Report


<ul><li>1.COVER STORYBy Jack Rogers Every year, we strive to improveRankings Report is growth. InBecause national metrics/data forand expand our annual Rank-almost every category, we have givenalternative energy initiatives are stillings Report. Last year, we special emphasis to the growthin the formative stages, our growthintroduced our revampedpotential of each locations economic factor heavily influenced our choices Metro Rankings, which were pub- development strategy. We even cre-in all of our new alternative energy- lished one month after we unveiledated a new categoryEconomicrelated categories. Renewable power our traditional State Rankings. ThisGrowth Potentialthat rewards the projects rapidly are moving off the year, we are introducing a rankings most effective overall strategy and its drawing board and directly into com- mega-package: our new and successful execution. mercial operation. Our rankings improved State, Metro and Interna-acknowledge that many of these proj- tional (Global) Rankings, for the first ALTERNATIVE ENERGY ARRIVESects are happening in real-time; the time presented as a double-issue ofWe reconfigured our green rank-total impact may continue to build Business Facilities.ings this year, creating a bevy of alter- throughout the year. Therefore, you Although we are confident our native energy leadership categories,can assume that all of the top-ranked yearly assessment of the peckingreflecting the fact that going greenalternative energy locations come with order of states, metros and coun- means a lot more today than simplyan up arrowwe expect to see tries is an accurate measure of eco-sustainable building. robust growth from them, and soon. nomic development advances (or,Our new green categories addressThe 2010 Rankings Report is a in some cases, retreats), we con- the emergence of a burgeoning alter-barometer of the economic outlook. stantly are refining our rankings native energy manufacturing sector, Last year, we tipped our hat to loca- categories and criteria to make sureturbocharged with federal stimulustions that defied the downturn. This the results bring into focus emerg- dollars, and the beginning of a renew-year, we identify those who not only ing growth sectors and accurately able energy power grid. We identify have survived but are poised to dom- credit locations that are movingthe locations that have staked a claiminate the emerging New Economy. aggressively to maximize theirto leadership in wind, solar, geother-So what follows on these pages is not resources and seize the moment. mal and bioenergy manufacturing just a list of winners: you can call it The key metric for our 2010 and power generation. our Recovery Report.10JULY/AUGUST 2010 </li></ul><p>2. DESIGN: MEGAN KNIGHT, GROUP C ART DIRECTOR BUSINESS FACILITIES 11 3. Not surprisingly, the top- ing site for Boeings best-selling com-the polysilicon hub of the U.S.,ranked states in our new Eco- mercial jet cements South Carolinas cornering the market for the rawnomic Growth Potential cat- status as a top-tier aerospace player, material for solar panels and semi- egory track closely with our annualproviding the basis for tremendous conductors with back-to-back State of the Year and Economic growth potential in coming years.announcements that two of the Development Deal of the Year win-South Carolina already is home toworlds largest polycrystalline silicon ners, which were announced in themore than 100 aerospace-relatedproducers (Hemlock Semiconductor January issue of Business Facilities.companies operating in 23 counties and Wacker Chemie AG) are locat-South Carolina, our Gold Deal ofand employing more than 16,000 ing major facilities worth a combined the Year honoree, sent a seismic shift people. The Boeing project is$3 billion in Tennessee. This was through the aerospace manufactur-expected to bring in nearly $7 billion quickly followed by Confluence ing sector when Boeing decided toworth of economic activity to theSolars decision to put a $200-million locate its second 787 assembly facil-state and local economy and create plant to produce mono-crystal sili- ity in the Palmetto State instead of its more than 12,000 direct and indirect con ingots for solar panels in Clin- traditional manufacturing base injobs in the next 10 to 15 years. ton, TN. In Knoxville, meanwhile, a Washington. We believe the selection State officials said the deal repre- partnership with Oak Ridge of N. Charleston as the manufactur-sents the largest single economicNational Lab aims to make the Inno- Economic Growth Best Businessdevelopment announcement in SouthPotentialClimateCarolinas history. In addition to snar-ing our top ranking for EconomicGrowth Potential, the state jumped tofourth place in our flagship ranking1. SOUTH CAROLINA for Best Business Climate. According1. TEXASto Gov. Mark Sanford, an improved2. TENNESSEEbusiness-friendly reputation was vali-2. VIRGINIAdated by Boeings choice.Boeings decision to expand their3. VIRGINIA presence in our state with an infusion3. UTAHof jobs and capital investment repre-4. NORTH CAROLINA sents not only enormously good news4. SOUTH CAROLINAfor our states economy, but also atelling dividend from our states con-5. TEXAStinued efforts to better our business 5. TENNESSEEclimate, Gov. Sanford said.Tennessee, our State of the Year6. ARIZONA6. NORTH CAROLINAwinner, has laid the foundation forrobust growth in automotive manu-7. UTAH facturing and clearly established itself7. FLORIDAas one of the players to watch in thealternative energy sector. The Volun-8. NEW MEXICO 8. LOUISIANAteer State, which grabbed our topranking in Automotive Manufactur-9. KENTUCKY ing Strength, has continued to attract9. SOUTH DAKOTAfirst-tier suppliers to support Chat-tanoogas selection as the site of Volk-10. KANSASswagens new vehicle assembly plant.10. WYOMINGThe state also has established itself as12 JULY/AUGUST 2010 4. vation Valley region a test bed forand Economic Growth Potential. WeTexas continues to rule the roost alternative energy-fueled mass tran- also took a close look at per capitain state-by-state comparisons of sit. All of the above adds up to a well- GDP, population growth and energy employment rates, GDP growth and earned second-place showing in costs/energy efficiency.personal income growth. A healthy Economic Growth Potential and aThe Lone Star State continues tonumber of the metros ranked in the respectable fifth place in Best Busi-match its surging population with a top 15 for the nations biggest gains ness Climate for Tennessee.solid strategy for attracting and in private-sector employment are For the second year in a row, Texasexpanding new business. The list of deep in the heart of Texas. has taken the top prize in our coveted recent facilities announcements is far Virginia blasted its way into the Best Business Climate ranking. too long to reproduce here [for a top 10 in Best Business Climate with There are more than 20 input factors sampling, see Texas Business Report a second-place finish that was nailed that helped determine the final out- on page 44 of this issue]suffice itdown with a first-rate focus on jobs, come in our assessment of this flag- to say that Texas is maximizing its jobs, jobs. ship category, including our rankingsreturn from an unbeatable combina- Immediately after taking office in for Cost of Labor, Business Tax Cli- tion of low taxes, strong incentives, January, Gov. Bob McDonnell issued mate, Quality of Life, Transportationlow energy costs, a relatively low cost an executive order creating a state Infrastructure, Educated Workforce of labor and solid infrastructure.Economic Development and Jobs BiotechnologyBiofuels ManufacturingCreation Commission. McDonnell StrengthResearch Leadersidentified an improved business cli-mate as a top priority for the new unit. We must be aggressive in puttingin place the policies that will improve1. CALIFORNIA1. IOWAour business climate and make Vir-ginia a global job magnet, he said.2. TEXAS 2. ILLINOISThis Commission will be identify-ing new ideas and initiatives to makethe Commonwealth even more com-3. PENNSYLVANIA3. FLORIDA petitive in the global marketplace. Virginias effort already is bearing4. MASSACHUSETTS 4. TEXAS fruit, most recently with anannouncement from defense giantNorthrop Grumman that it is relocat-5. KANSAS5. KENTUCKYing its corporate headquarters fromthe West Coast to northern Virginia.6. NEW JERSEY6. NORTH CAROLINANEW BIOTECH POWERHOUSES Our Biotechnology Strength rank-7. NORTH CAROLINA7. OKLAHOMAing is labor-intensive, but we think itsworth the effort. This year, we haveagain used government statistics and8. ILLINOIS8. NEBRASKAthe latest State Bioscience InitiativesReport, prepared by the Biotechnol-9. MARYLAND9. OHIOogy Industry Organization (BIO) andBattelle, as a starting point. Weapplied 24 key criteria to develop our10. OHIO 10. KANSAS ranking, including the amount ofstate R&amp;D funding and venture capi-14 JULY/AUGUST 2010 5. tal investments; the level of concen- fully defended its crown as the heavy- der. KBAs stewardship of a $581- trated occupational employment in weight champ of our Biotechnologymillion biotech investment fund is a biotech; tax exemptions specifically tar- Strength ranking. The Golden State uniquely focused and highly success- geted to biotech; the number of biotech remains home to more than a thirdful campaign that brings together facilities; biotech patents generated;of the nations leading biotechnologyindustry, higher education and gov- university grant funding; and bio-firms and continues to leverage itsernment in a coordinated effort that science higher education degrees, huge university system, moving for-has made Kansas a national center among other factors. A point scale wasward with the establishment of a net-for animal health research, a leader in applied, giving credit to states that work of world-class genomics labs. Itpharmaceuticals and an emerging actually invested in biotech facilities remains to be seen whether Califor-player in bioenergy. and/or had the highest concentration of nias ongoing fiscal crisis eventuallyAlready established as the epicen- employment in more than one biotech will erode its standing as the center of ter of a national Animal Health Cor- subsector. Last, but certainly not least, the biotech universe.ridor, Kansas has been awarded with we weighed the data against the growthPerennial contenders Pennsylvaniaa trifecta of major government potential of each states initiatives.and Massachusetts maintained their biotech research facilities, includingCalifornia,theundisputed leadership positions in our biotechthe $650-million NBAF biodefense birthplace of biotech, has success- ranking, finishing third and fourth, lab, the Arthropod-Borne Animal Alternative Energy respectively. Two emerging biotech Disease Research Lab and the Center Industry Leaders powerhouses, Texas and Kansas, of Excellence for Emerging and flexed their muscles in this years con- Zoonotic Animal Diseases at Kansas test: Texas jumped into second place State University. The NBAF, which from last years mid-level showing ofwill be the nations premier biode-1. ARIZONA sixth, while Kansas vaulted into fifth fense facility, is under construction in place, up from the number nine slotManhattan, KS, which earned our2. IOWAin our 2009 ranking. number two spot in this years rank- Texas has continued to build its ing of the top 10 metros for Eco- biotech industry, notching a 35 per- nomic Growth Potential.3. MICHIGANcent increase in biotech-related facil- ities and an 11 percent increase inEMPIRE OF THE SUN totalbioscienceemployment, When we began thinking about a4. FLORIDA according to the 2010 Battelle/BIO new suite of alternative energy rank- report. Battelle reported that Texas ings, we confronted a basic question:5. NEW MEXICOnow has nearly 3,000 biotech facili- do we prefer our rankings sunny-side ties and about 65,000 bioscience up or organically grown? We also were workers. We also noted the amounttempted to forget the whole thing and6. TENNESSEE of R&amp;D funding for biotech in Texasgo wind-surfing. (approx. $2.5 million) and the num-But as we delved deeper into the7. KENTUCKYber of higher education degrees in data, we realized that all of the major bioscience, which exceeded 10,000. alt energy players are not putting their Texas not only is building a biotech eggs in one basket: they are aggres-8. CALIFORNIAmanufacturing base, it is growing asively moving to stake a leadership skilled workforce to support it. position in an entire menu of renew-9. SOUTH CAROLINAWe continue to be impressed with able energy industries. Therefore, we the work of the Kansas Biosciencetook the plunge and decided to create Authority (KBA), the key driver in a ranking category for overall alterna-10. KANSAS the Sunflower States remarkable tive energy industry leadership. progress up the national biotech lad-Arizona, the established solar16 JULY/AUGUST 2010 6. energy king, easily took the top rank-turers, including Schletter, Inc., jobs and an investment of almost ing. As detailed in our April cover Global Solar Energy and SOLON. $250 million in the state. story, Arizonas robust solar panelIowa snared second place in our The Hawkeye State is one of only industry is a global as well as nationalAlternative Energy Industry Leaderstwo states to make three component leader, befitting the sunniest state in category with its ongoing success as parts of a modern windmillturbine, the country. As we reported, Arizonasthe primary wind-turbine manufac-blades and tower. vast desert areas offer the highest solar turing center and its natural position While Arizona and Iowa both have power potential in the nation, and theas a major ethanol producer. Iowa is established alternative energy indus- state is by far the leading producer of home to six wind-turbine manufac-tries with enormous potential, we put equipment to capture these rays. Tuc- turing companies: Acciona, Siemens,our growth factor calculation into son, AZ is home to some of theClipper, Hendricks, TPI and Trinity, high gear when we made the remain- worlds largest photovoltaic manufac- representing thousands of green-collar ing choices in this new category.Solar EnergyWind Energy Top 5 Wind PowerManufacturing Leaders Manufacturing LeadersGeneration Leaders1. ARIZONA1. IOWA 1. TEXAS2. NEW MEXICO 2. SOUTH CAROLINA 2. IOWA3. CALIFORNIA 3. KANSAS 3. MINNESOTA4. NEVADA 4. ARKANSAS 4. CALIFORNIA5. TENNESSEE5. NEVADA 5. NEW YORK Top 5 Solar PowerTop 5 Biomass Power Top 5 Geothermal PowerGeneration Leaders Generation Leaders Generation Leaders1. CALIFORNIA 1. CALIFORNIA 1. CALIFORNIA2. NEVADA 2. MAINE2. NEVADA3. FLORIDA3. FLORIDA3. UTAH4. ARIZONA4. ALABAMA4. HAWAII5. NEW JERSEY 5. GEORGIA5. IDAHO 18 JULY/AUGUST 2010 7. Anyone raising their eyebrows at tery plant in Holland, MI. Dows installed capacity. In early February, our selection of Michigan as the third- ramp up of its Powerhouse shingle Solar Distinction...</p>