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The power of purpose

ChooseHappiness @Work


Today is about being happy

Fennande v.d. MeulenMaartje Wolff

[email protected]+31 6 [email protected]+31 6 55178408www.happyoffice.nl

Regrets of the dying

The courage to live a life true to myselfHadnt worked so hard3. The courage to express my feelings4. Stayed in touch with my friends5. Let myself be happier

healthiernicer person more succesful

Titelstijl van model bewerken

Research shows that unhappy employees take more sick days. An average of 15 extra sick days a year

- Shawn Achor, The Happiness Advantage

Happy People are more successful because they are

More productiveMore engagedMore cooperativeMore creativeMore innovativeLess stressed

Many assume my business success has brought me happiness. But the way I see it, I am successful because I am happy.

- Sir Richard Branson


The positive feeling you get from work

Having a purposeDelivering resultsFeeling connected

Positive emotionsNegative emotionsjoy, serenity, hope, gratitude, amusement,interest, pride, awe, love, inspirationalarm, aversion, anger, sorrow, fear, frustration, embarrassment, hate, avarice

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Purpose is certainly not just a marketing issue or positioning of your brand image. Purpose shouldimpact every aspect of the firm.

Raj Sisodia

[email protected] work is about your thoughts, choices and actions

The only one who can make you happy is YOU!

Maar dan nu werken in flow. Misschien hebben jullie op zichl wel een beeld bij het begrip. Ik vind het leuk om mijn definitie daarvan even te laten zien aan de hand van een filmpje. 17

Choose [email protected] game


2 persons of every table switch clockwise

The 2 happiest personsThe 2 persons who work the longest at their company

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Short introduction

My name isI am from and work as atWhat I like best about my jobWhat I would like to change

Lets play the game!Choose [email protected]

A few Rules

The goal! Score the most points and win

PreparationTypes of cards: scenario cards and solutions cards (2 stocks)Every player gets 7 solution cards

Game1 player = executive: takes 1 scenario card and describes scenarioOther players have 7 solutions cards and choose 1 as the solution to the provided scenario, describe solution

A few Rules

PointsExecutive chooses two solutions: * best one -> 2 points (scenario and solution card)* most creative one (solution card)

Next stepRole of the executive passes to the left person

End of the game (after 40 - 45 minutes)At least 1 round (all players are the executive once)Player with the most points (cards) wins

A few Rules

Extra rulesThere are a few extra rulesPlease read overview (in the gamebox)

Ready?Please take a short break or discuss outcomes

Note!When you hear interesting scenarios or solutions, please write them down to remember.During the game we will walk around to assist.

And the winners are


What can you do tomorrow to make a positive change in your organization? Write down 5 things! Be practical and specific, choose ideas that are fast and easy to put into practice and you look forward to do

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How can you make it work?

what when where how who

Titelstijl van model bewerken

You have to DO something to make it work

Wie gelooft dat gelukkige mensen beter presteren dan niet gelukkige mensen? Hoeveel beter? Wat zou dat voor NL betekenen? Geldt dat ook voor jullie?Scoren jullie beter of slechter dan andere bedrijven op werkgeluk? Hoe gelukkig zijn NLers? Welk cijfer?

NLers geven een 7,2 voor hun werkgeluk. En voor hun levensgeluk een 8. wij denken dat het niet nodig is dat mensen op hun werk ons doel

In Nederland

Gelukkig is er steeds meer aandacht voor werkgeluk. Op Bol.com komen er 2751 hits als je zoekt op geluk. Geluk en werk 35 resultaten


Choose [email protected] Game

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Maartje Wolff and Fennande van der Meulen believe in the Power of Happiness, Purpose and Storytelling. With their company, Happy Office, they help their clients with consultancy, workshops, trainings and tools for organizational change. Happiness is something you do, so employees have to take responsibility for their own happiness. Organizations have to make this possible, by choosing the right organizational structure, values, vision and mission, environment and communication. We work both top-down as bottom-up. Together we build a happy organizational culture.