Its about us and no more about individuals

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This document is a small effort towards spreading awareness of real challenges we face in India on day-to-day basis. It is to make people realize how important their VOTE is, which can really bring a big CHANGE, if used correctly.


  • 1.Its about us and no more about individuals! Delhi is one of the youngest metropolitan cities; still it is ranked 150th on the list of most liveable cities in the world. Biggest reasons and Perfect Solution

2. Key sectors and institutions Topers in the most corrupted list Political parties Obviously! Everyone who comes to power first ensures that he/she gets 1000000 times of what was invested to win the SEAT! Police We pay highest bribe to them! Land services (buying, selling, inheriting, renting) Cannot imagine to happen without under-the-table-event Registry and permit services (civil registry for births, marriages, licenses, permits, land and property ownership and transfer of ownership) They have their on Rate-List, without knowing what Traffic Signal Lights indicate, one gets the license (you easily would get to see examples on road everyday. I wonder how connected all these institutes are! All in Win-Win situation! Really take good care of everybodys portion of corruption! Corruption You doubt? 3. Why do we pay Bribe and contribute to Corruption? Bribe is most paid: To receive a service entitled to Without bribing the Public Servants aka Government officials, your request/file wouldnt even reach the first table of the authority. To speed things up We are forced to avail this SPECIAL SERVICE but you would not find it as an option on any form. Most of times we bribe so that the Government body can perform and complete their usual job on time. To avoid a problem with the authorities Need no explanation! We bribe to even maintain our self respect/reputation in the society. How helpless we feel! 4. Government School Poor management and children treatment! - Even one from lower-middle class wouldnt want to send children there ever. Bribe and Donation Private Schools Different words same meaning! A child, 3-4 years of age, going to Nursery/Primary/LKG class Parents are asked to pay about 5 lakhs as donation! Makes no(n)-sense! HIGH School Fees No wonder this is the BIGGEST problem of our education system no standards at all! There are schools in Delhi with fees of around Rs 25000 a month; I wonder what extraordinary they teach? Education System is the MOST IMPORTANT system and AREA OF FOCUS for all of the countries where quality of life is high. No surprises on its importance in the eye and mind of our Government. After all children are the future of any country and right education plays the most important role in the upbringing of us humans. Poor Education System 5. Solution OR THE ONLY SOLUTION Our only hope to bring the CHANGE we have always dreamt of is: Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) We have already given more than enough opportunities to both of the major political parties of India. I am sure we are not even required to talk about what we have been through in their rule. Its time we pledge and action towards bringing that CHANGE without a fail in this years Delhi Election. VOTE FOR AAP! Lets give them a chance and to justice to your vote! 6. Why AAP? The AAP believe that the promise of equality and justice that forms a part of the constitution of India and its preamble has not been fulfilled and that the independence of India has replaced enslavement to an oppressive foreign power with that to a political elite. Isnt it what we all Indian also feel? Their proposed policies are really what we all need to start with in our fight against corruption and corrupted politicians: Jan Lokpal legislation Right to Reject Right to Recall Political decentralisation 7. Arvind Kejriwal is truly a ONE-MAN-ARMY against all the terrorists of corruption. Lets become his ultimate weapon to destroy corruption from our beloved country. 8. Vote for yourself VOTE FOR AAP! Just remember. There is no tomorrow! 9. Jai hind! By Rohit Luthra