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1. 1 Mobile Apps that Win Achieving High Performance with Real-time Analytics Steve Fox Foglight Mobile APM Product Manager 2. 2 Response Times: 3 Important Limits 100 ms Limit user will feel as instantaneously 1.0 sec Limit to not interrupt user flow of thought 10 sec Limit of keeping the users attention on the task Usability Engineering, Jakob Nielsen, 1993 Application Performance Monitoring 3. 3 Web Response Times Studies Google: +500 ms page load time = 25% fewer searches Amazon: +100 ms of page load time = 1% lost sales Facebook: +500 ms of page load time = 3% less traffic Application Performance Monitoring 4. 4 Walmart Conversion Rate Analysis Application Performance Monitoring Multiple Retailer Experiment: 1 second delay = 7% drop in conversion Source: 5. 5 Mobile Expectations Compared to Web Best Smartphones compared to average desktop/laptop Less CPU, Memory Smaller Screen Size Often used on slower network 85% of mobile users surveyed expect experience on mobile device to be as good or better than online via a computer Frame Rates: 30 fps? Less than 50-60 fps and users report as jerky Early Android scrolling was 30 fps, now 60 fps Application Performance Monitoring 6. 6 Measuring Mobile Frustration EEG Study of tasks using iPhone with variable delays introduced 500 ms delay resulted in 26% increase in frustration 8% decrease in engagement Application Performance Monitoring 7. 7 Responses to Mobile Frustration Application Performance Monitoring 8. 8 Speed Matters on Mobile Application Performance Monitoring 9. 9 Mobile App Launch! Code complete! QA Passed! App Store Approval! User Reviews!! App is Unusable! by rsl345 Cool idea, but way too slow to use. Save yourself the frustration and use instead. Followed by 30 more Phone rings What do you do? Application Performance Monitoring 10. 10 Launch Post-Mortem Review the QA tests Every performance test passed What tests were done? 25 comprehensive tests on 5 devices Using what network? Wifi in lab What about our beta testing? 10 employees using their iPhone 5/6 on LTE in the Bay Area Whats different about the real user usage? More often than not, its the network Application Performance Monitoring 11. 11 But 4G networks are supposed to fix this, right? Application Performance Monitoring -Max Firtman, Velocity, Extreme Mobile Performance 12. 12 But 4G networks are supposed to fix this, right? Application Performance Monitoring -Max Firtman, Velocity, Extreme Mobile Performance 13. 13 Even on 4G, Latency is still a big issue Application Performance Monitoring 14. 14 Is the Answer More QA Performance Testing? Yes, and No Effective Mobile Performance Testing is Hard & Expensive Permutations grow exponentially Device Types Network Type Signal Strength Carrier Etc Reality is your app users are going to be exercising many untested permutations So you need to monitor real end user performance Application Performance Monitoring 15. 15 How Get Real End User Performance Have the app measure performance Add some timing code around network requests Time-intensive, so try to wrap NSURLConnection class Still time-intensive, and realize library uses AFNetworking Once data is collected, where do I send it, when? I have millions of users, how do I store it all? How do I make sense of the data? Application Performance Monitoring 16. 16 Mobile Application Performance Management Use a solution designed to solve this problem: Mobile APM Link MobileAPM library into your app Only code change required is couple lines of initialization Less than 5 minutes to add instrumentation What it does: Automatically times all network requests Records which ViewControllers were active during which network requests Caches and sends results to cloud collection point in the background Application Performance Monitoring 17. 17 Dimensions Automatically Tracked for Each Network Request Network Type Signal Strength Location Carrier URL Start time Completion Time Response Time + Other metrics Application Performance Monitoring 18. 18 Login to Your Account for Detailed Analytics Application Performance Monitoring 19. 19 Application Performance Monitoring 20. 20 App Screen Grouping Paradigm One app often makes many http requests Often one user action or one screen load requires multiple http requests Closer to user experience Auto-Detect App Screen changes and group http requests by App Screen Application Performance Monitoring 21. 21 Application Performance Monitoring 22. 22 Advanced Options Crash detection and reporting Exclude URLs from tracking Customize your App Screen start/stop measurement points Add app specific timings Record errors / messages delivered to user Record handled exceptions Application Performance Monitoring 23. 23 Is Back-End the Problem? Application Performance Monitoring 24. 24 Follow Http(s) Requests through back-end If it is a back-end issue causing performance problem, you want to be able to easily go from user perspective to back end execution details for that users request Application Performance Monitoring 25. 25 Application Performance Monitoring 26. 26 But What about Android? Android Supported Too For Android 2.3+, automatically detects any requests made through org.apache.http.impl.client.DefaultHttpClient For iOS 7+, automatically detects any requests made through Foundation Framework AFNetworking 2.0 Application Performance Monitoring 27. 27 Mobile App Performance Monitoring Deep visibility into performance of app for real users Application Performance Monitoring 28. 28 Mobile Performance Monitoring Options / Trade-Offs Method Pros Cons User Reviews No additional work Business Impact More QA Perf Testing Catch more issues Expensive, incomplete Build Own Mobile APM Customize collection and analysis Expensive, large effort, compete with feature development Use 3rd Party Mobile APM Small quick effort High Visibility Pre-built analytics Some additional operational costs / SaaS fees Application Performance Monitoring 29. 29 App Performance Design Tips Design with the network in mind, especially latency Asynchronous requests Cache Pre-fetch content likely needed soon Make fewer larger requests vs many smaller ones Be cognizant of 3rd party requests / dependencies Be network aware, degrade gracefully on slower networks and/or poor signal strength Revert to lower resolution images Limit non-essential content Application Performance Monitoring 30. 30 App Performance Design Tips Perception is Reality Prioritize content to paint screen first, even if partial Give some feedback in 100 ms time limit Spinners? Can actually increase perceived time! Use judiciously, and do not display immediately Use animations to buy you more time and provide feedback Application Performance Monitoring 31. 31 Use Optimistic Actions When Possible Assume interaction with server will be successful Update UI for instantaneous feedback Examples Like in Facebook or Instagram Polar Application Performance Monitoring 32. Q&A Steve Fox @MrSteveFox Sign up for Free Trial!