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GoodiesWine Accessories / Point Of Sale Products / Corporate Gifts

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With its new concept of patented ornamental caps

and drop-stoppers, Royance Goodies draws a new

way for POS promotion. Associated with the wolrd

the art of the table and the friendly times around a

glass of wine, Royance Goodies offer your brand,

corporate events and company a unique and

outstanding promotion solution for an effective


The Art of being distinctive

Wine Accessories / Point Of Sale Products / Corporate Gifts

www.royancegoodies.e-monsite.com [email protected] royance

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NEWAssociated with the art of the table, the wine culture and the friendly moments, Royance crowngoody introduce a new and very effective promotion concept for your company and coporate eventscommunication.

USEFULDecorative botlle gadget, Royance crown goody is a useful little tool as it can be used to close yourunfinished bottles in the most elegant way. Royance Goodies are certified for alimentary use.

EYE CATCHINGThrough its eye catching and rewarding design, Royance crown goody catches attention and bringscuriosity to whom your message is concerned and thus, naturally higlight your brandcommunication. A royal goody to crown of succès every event with the guarantee of an high qualityimage.

DYNAMICDesign and decoratives, Royance crown goody participates in a very active way to every corporateevent and naturally increases your brand communication performance. Small, trendy, very easy tomanipulate as usefull, Royance crown goody guaranties a message high level of visibility for themost effective communication.

FRIENDLYComposing with friendly times, drinking wine, Royance crown goodies make your message benefit anice atmosphere ever for the most effective communication. Small sized, it can easily be gifted as asouvenir of a nice event, around a glass of wine… They are outstading but discrete souvenirs with along life expectancy…


To crown your promotion with success!

Alimentary certified cap to close yourunfinished bottle

Ex: customized forex stiicker

Efficient on all 75cl wine corcked bottles

Ex : customization

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Ornamental crown shaped cap for still wine bottle (decorative on closed bottles, alimentary cap on bottle openned).


Large choice of colours.All Pantone and KURTZ Metal colours on demand from MOQ 1,000 pieces.


Doming quadri.

Distribution in FranceGoodies

www.royancegoodies.e-monsite.com [email protected] royance