Online Marketing Tips and tricks for your 2015

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Some tricks and tipsfor a successful2015 online


One in three shoppers use their smartphone to find info instead of asking store employees (Google Data)


46% of shoppers who use their phone in a store still end up making a purchase(Google Data)

Google now tells visitors if your website is mobile friendly or not


EXITAccording to Google61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile-site that they had trouble accessing from their phones


Be Mobile!

Build a proper mobile-friendly website

Provide users with relevant information from mobileImprove your Facebook posts

How does Facebook decide what to show in aNews Feed?Facebook algorithm was updated in 2014

Posts with lots of comments and likesPost types that users seem to prefer more than others (e.g., photo, video, or status update)Posts that reference a trending topic

What Facebook likesVideos uploaded to Facebook with large number of views or extended viewing durationPosts that tag other pages within the textLinks that have not been posted before

What Facebook likes

Clickbait and like-baitingRepeated postsPosts that include spammy links

What Facebook does not likeText-only status updates from pagesPosts that contain the words like, comment, or sharePromotional posts

What Facebook does not like

Avoid Promotional posts in organic feedbuy a product or install an appenter promotions and sweepstakes with no real contextexact same content from ads

Improve your ranking on Google

High-quality, relevant content ranks better on averageCONTENT IS KING

tipsInclude semantically comprehensive wordingImplement higher word counts using relevant topic termsUse multiple media typesCreate relevant content

Include a well-balanced number of good internal linksAim for short loading timesKeep sites up to dateMaintain presence of all relevant Meta tags

Create Robust Site Architecturetips

Pay Attention to Keywords in Titles and Descriptionstips

19Pay Attention to User Signalstips

click-through rateslower bounce rates high time-on-site


Thanks for attention!We wish you a successful 2015!