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Digital has thrown open the gates and small and medium brands can punch way above their weight. Yet as the digital landscape gets popular it also becomes more cluttered, how do brands stand out among the competition. Read on

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  • 1. We are a digital agency that helps brands succeed online
  • 2. Kremsa has a proven track record of success. We are a crew of experienced developers, who know how to navigate the dynamic online landscape. We have over 13+ years of digital experience with the team spreading across 3 offices in California, New York and Europe. As a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, we are recognized globally for our social marketing solutions & platform expertise. Who We Are CALIFORNIA (HQ) 87 E. Green St. #308 Pasadena, CA 91105 O +1 626 584 1484 NEW YORK 35 Great Jones St. #3 New York, NY 10012 O +1 646 867 0797 EUROPE Jakova 2 821 03 Bratislava, SK O +1 421 911 KREMSA
  • 3. We provide variety of services that can be used individually or combined as needed to deliver results quickly. Our Services Strategy and Planning Brand Evaluation Brainstorming Social Media Strategy Campaign Concepts KPI Definition Community Management Content Strategy Scheduling Targeting UGC Moderation Crisis Management Marketing Channel Selection Publisher Negotiations Advanced Ad Creation Campaign Management Reporting Design and Development Platform Selection Social Integration Prototyping Implementation Integration & Launch Post Launch Updates Analytics and Measurements Page & Post Analysis Benchmarking A/B Testing Reporting Post-Promo Evaluation Brand Insights
  • 4. We're honored to work with clients of all sizes helping them build their brands anywhere in the digital world. Brands we work with
  • 5. Client: Live Nation (USA) Project : Concert Calendar Link: Project Type: Facebook application Live Nation, one of the worlds largest producers and promoters of live events, came to Kremsa to develop a truly unique experience for live music fans on Facebook: a combination concert discovery and engagement loyalty app that offers fans a cool new way to easily connect with their friends around the shows they love. Facebook Studio Awards Nominee Best Music App Nominee - O Music Awards Kick-ass! Have been waiting for this! - John Constine, TechCrunch Facebook application
  • 6. Client: Firebird Apps (USA) Project: Good Sort Project Type: iPhone application Firebird Apps wanted to establish their new business on the market. This was their first app they created to provide users with useful tool and in the same time to demonstrate their designing, creative and marketing skills. We brought the Good Sort project to Kremsa because of their reputation in interactive media and Facebook app development. We've been delighted with their work, from wireframes and testing to deployment. Our project manager Zuzana and developer Jan have been fantastic - responsive to our questions and every bit as committed to the project as our team. Thank you Kremsa for bringing Good Sort to life! - Leila Currah, Co-founder of Firebird Apps iPhone application
  • 7. Client: Bluefin Media Group (Germany) Project: Euronics Bundesliga Tippspiel Link:[]=ubersicht Project Type: Facebook application Thank you again for this excellent project! We are looking forward to our next cooperation with you! Woooooooooow, the stuff you can do with CMS! Timing: Kremsa delivered on time. Perfect. There was a delay which came from the Bluefin end of the project. Flexibility: Excellent. We were able to discuss project decisions which came up in the process of development work. Thank you for helping us think this through. Reliability: Great. Always received quick replies. All promises were kept. - Dr. Johannes Schmidt, Bluefin, Co-founder Facebook aplication
  • 8. Client: Amoeba Music (USA) Project: Amoeba Website Link: Type of Project: American e-shop giant for alternative music We designed from the ground up to serve as the central hub for both online and in-store sales & marketing efforts, giving the Amoeba team a digital platform that was powerful and yet so simple, even an adult could use it: Robust CMS that provides dynamic control over the presentation, content and functionality of the entire site in a simple-to-use interface Intuitive analytics and reporting tools to track performance and gain actionable insights so they can quickly react to customers behavior and needs, with out of the box integration with Google Analytics Superior order management work flow to view and track orders, create invoices/receipts and maintain shipment records for Sales Orders Powerful suite of marketing tools to efficiently increase both online and in-store sales Efficient one-page checkout process with the ability to integrate a variety of payment gateways and alternative payment methods such as PayPal Website with e-shop
  • 9. Client: Wondersitter (USA) Project: Wondersitter website Link: Project Type: Complex website The Wondersitter website is like LinkedIn - for babysitters and parents. It is a robust and intelligent website, which is equipped with software to match babysitters to parents. The compatibility s calculated by an algorithm, that takes into consideration the clients requirements for a babysitter (required qualifications, age focus, skills, location, childs disabilities) and the sitters preferences (age focus, distance, pets, time table, etc.). A rating system for both parents and babysitters Watch this video to learn more: Social Network
  • 10. Client: All Sports America (USA) Project: All Sports America Website and Uniform Designer Link: Project Type: Complex website, logo, animations and the uniform designer ASA is one of the biggest independent suppliers of football equipment, so they needed a reliable website that can show all their products and handle customer service enquires and transactions. We have also built a Uniform Designer application, which lets visitors completely design their own football jersey and order it with a click of a button. Web application
  • 11. Client: Oasis Productions (UK) Project: Journey to Mecca website and SEO campaign Link: Project Type: Website with e-commerce solution and Facebook page with e-commerce tab For the film Journey to Mecca, we have built a simple microsite that showcases the trailer and film trivia and displays DVDs (links to Amazon shop). We have optimized the website for SEO and managed an offsite SEO and PPC campaign, as well as a Facebook Page and Facebook Advertising campaign. "Just to say many thanks for all your hard work - I think the result is fantastic, and this is a great start!" - Taran Davies, Oasis Cosmic pictures Website and SEO
  • 12. Client: Rauxa (USA) Project: Little Wishes, Lots of Love Link: Project Type: html5 e-card overlay Kremsa worked with Rauxa and developed a Holiday Mosaic Media wall webpage overlay with the holiday theme Little Wishes, Lots of Love. It was an e-card with images of each employee with a personalized wish upon a rollover. The e-card was an overlay on the website The card was also used to promote Rauxas donation and volunteer activity through promotion videos. The e-card had a Christmas music in the background. "Thanks for all of your great effort and service. "Thanks for all of the great work and the beautiful attitude you have. - Scottlin F. Rucker, Rauxa Sr. Digital Producer HTML5 e-CARD
  • 13. Client: Yum GMBH (Germany) Project: Du im Trikot 2012 - Fan Club Nationalmannschaft by Coca-Cola Link: Project Type: Facebook App One of three Facebook apps we created for the Yum GMBH agency. This app was created for sports fans and the idea is universal dress you and your friends in your favorite teams jersey. Facebook application
  • 14.