Marketing your webinars - tips and tricks

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Webinars are a great way to add subscribers to your list, but you need to market them well in order to create interest. In this webinar, I shared lots of ideas to how you can market your webinars. After the webinar is done, you can further increase the value by repurposing the content in different ways. For more tips and tricks, head to to sign up for my newsletter. Http://

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Marketing your webinarsBusiness-Hangouts

By Lise


Webinar where I gave away content: 5 steps you as a minimum have to know in order to be successfull with your projectsPromoting a new online project management courseMain purpose: Lead generation Secondary goal: To convert leads into buyers


A total of 96 people signed up for the two dates 60 new leads in a weekA total of 70 people participated in the two eventsAdvertising costs: 300 DKK (app. 55$)


Pre-event EventPost-event


Choosing and creating images used across all media for promotion purposesTip:


Scheduling the events in Business Hangouts


Recording video for webinar sign-up pagePrepare sign-up page in LeadPages


Preparing mails to existing list


Scheduling FaceBook promoted postsUse only ads shown in the newsfeedUse the Facebook Power editorUse precise interest to target more precisely

Bonus tip: Check if your image has too much text in it here:

Pre-event (cont.)

Teaser posts on FaceBook, Google+, Twitter, PinterestSharing behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram

Learnings during the event

Pre-party start the recording early so that you can chat with early sign-ons and show a welcoming slideDelete the post in your Google+ accountGive a short intro to what they can expect from your presentationAsk people in the beginning to write for example where they are locatedAsk for questions, feedback

Learnings at the event cont.

Give lots of content away!Have a clear call to action at the endLet a slide stay at the end if you have a link you want them to clickPromise a give-away that they will be able to download when the recording is readyExport the chat history before you end the Business-Hangout

Post event

Head to YouTube to make the recording hidden if necessaryTrim the recording in YouTube or download it and trim it in your own software

Post event

Enter the YouTube embed code in a Webinar page in LeadPagesOpt-in button for people to download the give-away more leads!

Post event

Send the link to the webinarpage to sign-upsSend the link to the webinar page to existing mailing listMake various posts in social media about availability of the webinar recordingUpload slides to slideshare and share that with var. social media

Post event more ideas

Promoted posts on Facebook?

Post event more ideas

Edit the webinar content into several videos to use in a autoresponder formatUse the edited smaller videos in a sales funnel set-up f.ex. using LeadPages

Questions, comments?