How to use virtual reality headsets to create immersive brand content and serious games

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The virtual reality headsets for your marketing digital, create immersive brand content, design new kind of serious games and advergames.


  • 1. F O R Y O U R M A R K E T I N G , F O R Y O U R C O M M U N I C A T I O N virtual reality headsets

2. Immersive brand experience Immersion: with a virtual headset, you live in another world, a virtual and limitless universe. Experience: beyond the immersion, there is no screen anymore, so your emotions and feelings are stronger. Dierentiation: 2 minutes with a virtual headset can be more impacting than all other kind of entertainment. Technology: be the rst to explore the capacities of those headsets. 2 3. How can we use those new virtual headsets ? 3 4. The Oculus Rift and Morpheus project are the next-generation virtual reality headset for immersive gaming. 4 But we can use it for other purposes 5. A short video to understand the emotions the headsets can provide. 5 6. Once on your head, you enter a new environment 6 Put the headset on and enter a new world, like if you were driving a car. 7. 7 Test your new prototypes. You are now able to test the designs of your cars in virtual, but larger than life conditions. 8. 8 Spend time with your friends You can not see your friend tonight ? Put a virtual headset on and see a virtual living room with your real friends. It can explain why Facebook bought Oculus. 9. 9 Choose the right furniture. Before going to a furniture store like Ikea, if you hesitate between two models, try them in a virtual environment. 10. 10 Test your new packaging. You can test your product in virtual supermarket shelves, so your marketing study will be more eective. 11. 11 Try your new home. Do you want experience you futur apartment ? The virtual visits are now amazing, giving you true feeling of space. 12. 12 Visit museums and old civilizations. Imagine a Museum, like Le Louvre, owning a room full of virtual headseats, to visit ancient places like never. 13. 13 Learn to drive. Take your time to learn driving. Train yourself to look at your right and left. 14. 14 Experience immersive serious games. Leverage the way you learn thanks to immersive serious games. 15. 15 How does it work ? You need 3D environments And thats all :) 16. 16 We do it with Unity 3D Unity is a 3D engine, its aim is to create video games, but we use it to create immersive experiences. 17. 17 How much does it cost ? Less than a video game because those experiences do not need any gameplay. But it depends of your goals. For instance, a Gran Turismo looking car is worth a week of work. Reaching perfection is time consuming. 18. +33 (0)2 78 77 02 60 Lets do it together ! 19. P I C T U R E S C R E D I T S Deadendthrills (Duncan Harris) ! Steam Postcards (Iain Andrews) ! Virtual Geographic (James Pollock) ! NOTRL (Josh Taylor) ! VRP (Leo Sang)