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Hijacking bluetooth headsets

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Text of Hijacking bluetooth headsets

  • 1. BySwaroop YermalkaR

2. 1. Finding Visible & InvisibleBluetooth Devices along with their specifications 2. Cloning Bluetooth Devices 3. Remotely Inject audio in Bluetooth headsets and record audio from it. 3. BT5 r3 laptop Nokia Bluetooth Bluetooth Dongle Galaxy Headsetpop 4. 79 channels 2.4-GHz ISM bandDevices hop across these channels at a rate of 1600 times per secondBluetooth Device Address (BD_ADDR) 5. Source: 6. Initial Setup 7. 1. Everything is in visible Android Settings Ubuntu Settings 8. Find a target First#hcitool scan#hcitool inq 9. btscanner 10. Bluemaho 11. 2. Lets Find the Invisible Devices Source: 12. Lets Find the Invisible Devices 13. Android Settings 14. Start sniffing Sniff on mon0 15. SAMSUNG 16. It is Samsung device 17. We have:00:07:AB:ff:CF:88~MAC address plus one ~ MAC address minus 1~MAC address minus oneFOUND!!! 18. #hcitool inq 19. Enumerate the services for further attack 20. Recall PreviousInformation 21. #hcitool scan#bdaddr -i hci1 22. #hciconfig hci1 name android#hciconfig hci0 class 0x58020c 23. Observe the Fields 24. Laptop 25. Why to Clone the bluetooth device?In certain premises, some bluetooth type device may berestricted. Does it still bother you? For many attacks such as attacks on bluetooth headset it isnecessary to make our device headset compatible. 26. Is our bluetoothdongle headsetcompatible?No? change itsclass. 27. Device conforms to the Headset Profile 28. Find your victim 29. Download url: 30. #./carwhisperer 31. Built on AIRcable XR long-rangetechnology1 km external antenna includedExtended range for up to 30 km***No external power neededAluminum case for reduced interferenceand increased sensitivity 32. 1. Bluetooth Hacking: The state of art bytrifinite.org2. Bluetooth WikiYi-Bing Lin 33. Oct-2012Sep-2012Nov-2012 34. Feedback, questions and suggestions:[email protected]

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