9 Tools & Tips to Drive Content Marketing Results

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Ian Cleary



Design 2014 Social Media Examiner Do NOT distribute


Half the solution to any problem lies in defining itDr Phil

You want more traffic to new content1

Check its popularity with InboundWriterHelps you determine the success of your topics before you put pen to paper


InboundWriter - Check the competitionSee what the competition is like and where you come in the pecking order!www.InboundWriter.com

InboundWriter Focus on your main keywords Helps you refine your title even further by focusing on the most important termswww.InboundWriter.com

Example Post


Most people dont see your content2

Most of Your Audience Doesnt See Your Content

Because most of them are not even logged on

Schedule out sharing at regular intervals using Cision

Select one (or more) networks, customize the messaging for each and then schedule out the posts (in 5 minute increments) or send out immediatelywww.cision.com/us/social-software

Resharing Content

Twitter Followers are not Growing quickly enough3

Use Social Quant to build targeted followers


Use Social Quant to build targeted followerswww.SocialQuant.net

Twitter Stats


Not ranking high enough on Google4


Search Google to identify other sites that have similar articles to yours. Then

When you find one, use Ahrefs to find sites that link to this articlewww.AHrefs.com


Copy in the URL for the article and click on Backlinks

These are the sites you can reach out to and convince them to link to your article insteadwww.AHrefs.com

70% of website visitors will never come back5

Increase Email Signups with Exit Intent Popup



Always Split Test

1.3% Conversion2.1% Conversionwww.OptinMonster.com

Opt-ins Specific to a Post

A simple download of the article resulted in nearly 300 new subscribers

If they dont give their email re-target them

Web User

Your Website

User leaves

Your ad on FacebookUser returns to website and subscribes

You want to produce more popular content6

Buzzsumo - Whats Trending


Buzzsumo - Whats Popular


Not tracking enoughabout campaigns7

Use UTM Codes to Setup Unique Links for your CampaignUrchin Tracking Module (UTM) - for tracking campaigns within Google Analytics

Adds additional information to the a link you are sharing so you can track the results of that link in GA and see which one performs better

Facebook Ad

Facebook Post

Blog PostCampaign:Blog PromotionSource: FacebookMedium: Post Campaign:Blog PromotionSource: FacebookMedium: Admysite.com/blog-postmysite.com/blog-postCreate unique links that describe where each visitor came from

Use the UTM Builder to Create the Link Chrome Plugin

The Medium helps you separate your Facebook traffic Facebook Ads vs normal posts

Example Linkhttp://www.razorsocial.com/GA-bounce-rate-reference-guide?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Post&utm_campaign=Blog-Promotion

Monitor Traffic and Conversions in Google Analytics

Dont know enough about your website visitors8

Understand your visitors using HotjarHeatmap

Understand what users do on your site (e.g. where they hover and click) Visitor Recordings

Recordings of real visitor behaviour (clicks, taps, mouse movements) helps highlight usability issuesForm Analytics

Which fields take too long to ll, which are left blank and why do visitors abandon the form altogether


Not producing good enoughgraphics9

Canva for Work - Define your Brand Kit

Define a brand style to achieve consistency across all your designs

Create templates to speed up your image creation

Create templates to speed up your image creation

Resize your image for multiple platforms all at once

The ProblemSo much to learnIts changing all the timeYou dont have time to keep up to speed on everything

the solution

Whats included

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