Strategic execution moving from THINKING to DOING by Ben Tye

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My presentation on Strategic Executiuon I delivered at the SE Forum in Amsterdam October 2014: - We live in uncertain times - Strategic execution is important - The statistics don't look good - Four things to get right - Translation into action - Delivery model options - Effective PMO - Getting started and mobilisation

Text of Strategic execution moving from THINKING to DOING by Ben Tye

  • 1. 2014 Cognizant 2014 Cognizant 17th October 2014 Strategic Execution in times of uncertainty: How to move from Thinking to Doing Ben Tye, Vice President (UK) Programme Management.
  • 2. 2014 Cognizant 2 This is a time of great head scratching.
  • 3. 2014 Cognizant The world is changing. .
  • 4. 2014 Cognizant 4 In many ways
  • 5. 2014 Cognizant 5 The rise of the vast, silent, unseen Second Economy By 2025 the Second Economy will be as large as the 1995 physical economy W. Brian Arthur, Santa Fe Institute McKinsey Quarterly, Oct 2011;
  • 6. 2014 Cognizant 6 Many firms are configured for the past and not unleashing their potential value Plenty will face an extinction event unless they adapt Those that adapt successfully will thrive
  • 7. 2014 Cognizant 7 We are entering a new era of business models and processes What are the implications for strategy execution? What should we do about them?
  • 8. 2014 Cognizant 8 The conversion of strategic intent into reality through the successful delivery of integrated initiatives focused on common objectives STRATEGIC EXECUTION
  • 9. 2014 Cognizant 9 Strategic Execution Capability will become increasingly more important than Strategic Thinking
  • 10. 10 2014 Cognizant and yet the stats dont look good at all. Source: 2013 PMI Pulse of the Profession For every $1B of programme investment, poor performers risk wasting 14 TIMES more than high performers
  • 11. 2014 Cognizant 11 .. even execution at the basic PROJECT level remains poor. 1Source: : Project Management Institute 2013 Pulse of the Profession.
  • 12. 2014 Cognizant 12 In spite of the plethora of methodologies available.. PMI PMBOK Critical Chain Agile Extreme Event Chain Deliverable based Risk Based CMMI SPICE APM PRINCE PRINCE II GAPS PRINCESS PROMPT HERMES WATERFALL ISO 9000 ISO10006 V-Modell Team Software Process Total Cost Management
  • 13. 2014 Cognizant 13 22% of all businesses risk losing /28m for every /100m invested
  • 14. 2014 Cognizant 14 Unfortunately, theres no silver bullet The environment IS complex But there are some basic things to get right Translating strategy into ACTION Choosing the right execution model for YOUR organisation Active governance and assurance via effective PMO MOBILISE and PLAN properly
  • 15. 2014 Cognizant 15 Translating Strategy to Action (Doing the right things)
  • 16. 2014 Cognizant 16 Execution - Doing things the right way for you.
  • 17. 2014 Cognizant 17 Active & Agile Assurance through EFFECTIVE PMO
  • 18. 2014 Cognizant 18 Mobilisation Engage the clutch properly Often the best people are not available for mission critical projects A history of failure of large scale strategic initiatives means that few people see them as career advancement opportunities What happens when its over? Concern about leaving a role or career path that is going well means teams are often difficult to staff Programs often start with a limp rather than a bang eroding delivering confidence No consistent, structured way to enable and empower the team to perform effectively from Day One.
  • 19. 2014 Cognizant 19 Little thought has been given to creating high performance teams in a focused, structured and repeatable way at the start of major initiatives
  • 20. 2014 Cognizant The objective of an Effective Mobilisation is to resolve the SIX critical areas essential for any successful Strategic Execution Ensuring clarity of purpose, outputs, approach, control, assurance, reporting all the HARD elements need to be nailed down URGENTLY Building a solid integrated plan that is thoroughly understood and bought into by the team Embedding a consistent approach, and supporting toolset and ENSURING the team use them! Getting the right people in the right roles as fast as possible and redirecting/removing/reskilling as required Creating an Esprit rapidly that surmounts the SOFT issues experienced by all new teams Forcing the team up the development curve as far as possible, as quickly as possible
  • 21. 2014 Cognizant 21 Success is achieved through pragmatism and experience.. Experience: applying domain and delivery experience to drive successful execution Benefits: focus on driving maximum value from business change and technology investments Risk: proactive management of the potential pitfalls to delivery and benefits realisation Action: preventing failure through inertia by driving actions and critical decision making Management: providing the disciplined environment to assure delivery.
  • 22. 2014 Cognizant 22
  • 23. 2014 Cognizant Ben Tye 23 For further information on this presentation or to discuss successful Strategic Execution please do contact me directly.