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Learn How to Do Onpage Optimization for a Website for improving the site ranking in search engines.


  • 1.Onpage Optimization Presented by Mohammed Azharuddin Digital Marketing Trainer

2. What is Onpage Optimization? Onpage optimization is a process of implementing certain elements in site, which are recommended by Search Engines. 3. Google Webmaster Tools Add and Verify Site Geographic Setting in GWT Various features of GWT 4. Factors effecting Onpage Website Design User Experience Quality Content SEO elements of the page 5. Is this design really speak about its business? Does is consist of Flash or Multimedia Is the design Responsive ? How is the navigation of site ? How fast the website is loading ? Design Analysis 6. Examples Bad Sites in SEO Point of View Good Sites 7. How the user feel after visiting the website What is the bounce rate of the visitors Is this website created for visitors or search engines Is this site Made for Adsense (MFA) How is the process of conversion in site ? User Experience 8. Examples Bad Examples questions-with.html Good Examples 9. Is this website providing value to user ? Is this content unique for this site ? Is the content targeting any keyword ? Is it over optimized for Search Engines ? What is the density of keywords and links ? Quality of Content 10. Examples Good Quality Content Bad Quality Content Sites with.html Spam Examples 11. Important SEO Elements in Page Quality Content Page Speed URL Optimization Title Optimization Meta Tags Headings Internal Linking Robots.txt Sitemaps Canonicals Social Sharing 12. Page Speed Analysis 10 Secs is Avg. time a user will be on site Page speed (Time to First Byte) will impact the search ranking rather than overall load. Speed Test Tools Pingdom Google Speed Analyzer WebPage Test 13. Resources for Page Speed Analysis search-ranking 14. Implementing the URL of page as per the target keywords URL Optimization 15. Example Home > Matrimonial > Telugu Home > Matrimonial > Hindi Examples 16. Examples 17. If the site is dynamic website then there is a possibility that the url generated will be like Its mandatory to convert these urls to seo friendly url by using URL Rewriting techniques. Dynamic URLS 18. Title tag is very crucial element of onpage Write a meaningful title along with target keywords Title is generally 60 chars 70 chars Title keywords can be separated with () or (,) or (|) Title Optimization 19. Example 1 Exact match keyword in title and full title 20. Example 2 Title is cut off and brand name is added at end 21. Meta Keywords Tag Meta Description Tag This tag must consist of related keywords as this will appear on search Meta Robots Tag Meta Tags 22. Example 1 Description keyword highlighted 23. Example 2 Keyword in description highlighted 24. Why Content Marketing ? Users are constantly looking for content Can improve the brand authority Build a base of loyal customers in long term Search engines prefer Fresh Quality Content Solve problems for customers 25. Content Creation Strategy Brand Site Blog Social Media Print 26. Content Types Text Articles Ebook Report Guide PressRelease Image Info Graphic Cartoons Quotes Video Tutorials Webinars Demos Hangouts Audio Podcasts 27. Content Ideas 28. Content Generation Ideas What customers want in search What are questions in QA Site Write How to Articles for user Share Tips and Tricks Latest Industry Updates with your analysis Market research in any segment Case Studies and Reports Review a Product/Place/Service 29. Content Marketing Cycle Create Content 50% Promote Content 40% Measure Results 10% 30. Create a useful, information-rich site, and write pages that clearly and accurately describe your content. Think about the words users would type to find your pages, and make sure that your site actually includes those words within it. Use ALT attributes for Images Check for broken links and correct HTML. Google Content Guidelines 31. Headings has priority of 0.08 The priority of header tags is as follows h1 > h2 > h3 > h4 > h5 > h6 Headings Optimization 32. Use images in content for illustration and design While using image use the alt attribute Use Targeted keywords for the page in ALT Image Optimization 33. To improve the PR of inner pages and improve the over value of the pages Internal linking scheme Home About Us ClientsServices Contact 34. Wikipedia Internal Link Example 35. Use Footer to direct the user to other pages Include links to important pages of site Include Address and Map in Footer Social Sharing and Follow Buttons Other Brands of the Company Footer Optimization 36. Footer 37. Social sharing improves the content visibility and improve the brand awareness Use the following tools In page Social Sharing 38. To control what search engine crawler access in our site. Rules Allow DisAllow Robots.txt 39. Display a list of all urls in the website Sitemaps can be created using following tools XML Sitemap Generator (WP) (Static Site) Sitemaps 40. The purpose of redirection is to send a user/search engine to a correct, preferred page Types of Redirects 301 ('Moved Permanently') - Recommended for SEO 302 ('Found' or 'Moved Temporarily') URL Redirect 41. Non WWW to WWW Redirection In practical and are considered as same but in seo point of view it can be duplicates We need to write to rule for selecting our preferred domain Non www to www redirection code (.htaccess) RewriteEngine On RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301] NON WWW to WWW Redirect 42. 301 Redirect is permanent and pass the link juice and PR to new page. In apache server we use .htaccess file for Redirect. redirect 301 old.html Redirecting a Single Page 43. A canonical page is the preferred version of a set of pages with highly similar content. Example Shopping with View Options Automated duplicated page versions Code Canonical Links 44. Blackhat SEO Duplicate Content Keyword Stuffing Cloaking Sneaky Redirects Hidden text and links Paid Links Too many links per page Doorway pages Scraped content 45. TASKS Practical Implement onpage for a Site 46. Thank you Visit us on For queries and support contact us Like us on FB