OnPage SEO Optimization Techniques

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OnPage SEO Techniques

SEO plays a vital role in driving traffic to the website. It can be inherited into two major techniques. They are

1. on-page optimization2. off-page optimization

OnPage OptimizationPage Titles

First and foremost on-page SEO factor is page title. The page title must be descriptive, unique and it should include rich keywords.

Meta Tags

Meta tags includes description, keywords and so on. These are used to provide the information to make users understand about the website. It can control the crawling and indexing of search engines. Description and keywords should be relevant and it must consist of high density keywords.


Use a text file robots.txt to instruct search engines on how to crawl and index pages.


Its a most important part to develop an optimized website. Its used to inform the correct URL of the website to search engines.

URL Structure

URL structure of a website is the most notable part of SEO. URL of a website must be search engine friendly i.e., shortest URLs with targeted keywords.

Heading Tags

Heading tags (h1, h2,..,h6) are used to differentiate important content and heading from the rest.High priority keywords must be added in H1 tag and others as follows.

Keyword rich contents

Relevant content inclusion throughout the website is the essential part of on-page SEO. Included keywords must have high density and it should not be excessive. Unique content will be preferred by all search engines.

Image Optimisation

Image optimization includes image quality, file size, file format, relevant images, alt tags, image title and so on.

Refer for more about image optimization: http://www.slideshare.net/Svasamsoft/image-optimization-techniques-tipsSociability

Encourage readers to share website content by adding social media buttons. Also it will help to get better rankings in search engines.


Optimizing any one will not give much difference in search results. A developer must consider all these techniques together to get better crawling and indexing in search engines.

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