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  • Google AdSenseThe Beginners Guide for Better Optimization

    Presented by,Mothi Venkatesh.P

    Blog Helpline

  • Google AdSense is for?

    Google AdSense is a best online moneymaking platform through Ads.

    It empowers online publishers to earnrevenue by displaying relevant ads on awide variety of online content.

  • Google AdSense: Basics

  • Getting Started:

    Lets get started! Heres what youll need:

    1. Gmail Address

    2. Content to Monetize

    3. Mailing Address with Bank Account

    Follow the URL:

  • AdSense Types

    1. AdSense for Content

    2. AdSense for Feeds

    3. AdSense for Search

    4. AdSense for Mobile content

    5. AdSense for Domains

    6. AdSense for Video

  • Getting Quick Google AdSense Approval

    Each and every factor play an important role in getting AdSense approved quickly.1. Use custom Domain name.

    2. Follow Google Guidelines.

    3. Google Analytics, Webmasters, Bing Webmasters.

    4. Blog/Website layout.

    5. No. of posts.

    6. Sitemap.xml, Robots.txt, Additional pages.

    7. Own Email id.

  • Is your Google AdSense got rejected?

    Find this firstDisapproved Adsense account (or) Banned Adsense account ??

    Read this :

  • What not to do?

    1. Never rely on AdSense as your sole income source.

    2. Never, ever encourage friends or family to click your ads.

    3. Pay attention to your ad clicks.

    4. Never, ever click your own ads.

    5. Dont use more than 3 ad blocks

    on a single page.

  • Improve your AdSense earnings

    There is only 2 mantras to improve your AdSense earnings,


    1. High CPC keyword + Low Competition

    2. High Keyword searches + Low Competition

  • High CPC Keyword + Low Competition

    Top areas to find most expensive - High CPC(Cost-per-click) keywords with low competition are.,

    Finance and Insurance, Loans, Mortgage, Attorney, Credit, Lawyer, Donate, Hosting, Software, Claim, Tourism ...

    Examples:Keyword: saas what isAvg. monthly searches: 170CPC: Rs.1,828.09Competition: Low

  • High Traffic keywords + Low Competition

    These kind of keywords with high search volume may vary from time-to-time. We tell you how to find them?

    Google Trends + Google Keyword planner + Google Alert

    Example:Keyword: gmaiAvg. monthly searches: 2,740,000CPC: Rs. 14.43Competition: Low

  • Google AdSense: Tips

  • Choosing Ad size

    Most Recommended:

    1. 336x280 large rectangle

    2. 300x250 medium rectangle

    3. 728x90 leaderboard

    4. 300x600 half page

    5. 320x100 large mobile banner


  • Bait for Ad clicks

    Example Ad places:

    1. Below the Title - 728x90(leaderboard)

    2. In Homepage, between

    first 2 articles - 336x280(large rectangle)

    3. Sidebar - 336x280(large rectangle) -or-

    300x600(Wide Skyscraper)

    4. Below the article - 300x250(medium rectangle)

  • Using Responsive Ads

    Use this Ad codes to place Ads inside your blog post. It will improve the CTR%

    Note: This works well for websites having responsive design.

  • Setup Custom Channels

    While creating new Ad units, mark it under custom channel to track reports.

  • AdSense Alternatives

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