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  • Not AN Agency. But your Online Partner, Guide & Mentor

    (REG NO: 53318980B)

    Soumik Chakraborty

    Founder & Online Entrepreneur Mob: 92370744; Email: soumik@aaronline.sg

    Member of Social Media Training Certificate

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    What AAR Can do

    Mobile: 92370744, email: soumik@aaronline.sg

  • Profile of AAR Over 10 Years of Experience Working, Handling Campaigns Projects & meeting KPIS for: (All Online, Search (SEO/SEM), affiliates, media. Partnerships, CRMs and Social)

    Mobile: 92370744, email: soumik@aaronline.sg

  • Profile Speaker at Digital Conferences

    Guide and mentor for various companies.

    Trained staff of various companies in over 5 different countries.

    Over 8 years hands on experience in all things digital (SEM, SEM, Social Media, Strategy, Budgeting, eComm, CRM and more)

    NOT AN Ad Agency. I am Online Specialist and Mentor making sure no one takes you for a ride, but help you make effective and relevant decision w.r.t to spend and campaigns to get higher ROI.

    If you do not have any online specialist, I Can help you with your campaigns and in time help onboard an effective specialist for your when you want. With my experience I will ensure, if we have to hire someone, its someone who can give back effectively to the company

    Mobile: 92370744, email: soumik@aaronline.sg

  • What AAR can do

    Consulting/Guide/Mentorship/Your Online Guardian in:

    eCommerce Platform Launch. Experienced with all aspects including marketing

    CRM tools Review, use and implement Opportunity Analysis/ Online Audit Look Alike Analytics for effective campaign. Google Analytics Re-Targeting Target at every stage of user journey Look Alike Audience Highly Targeted, low cost, high


    SEO Organic Search Marketing SEM/PPC/CPC- Paid Search Marketing

    Mobile: 92370744, email: soumik@aaronline.sg

  • What AAR Can do Contd.. Social Media Marketing Community Management,

    conversations, engagements, content and Ads.

    Manage or help you manage your online vendors effectively Educate and Train your staff Automated Ad software/platforms Low cost, low

    maintenance, do not need extra manpower but high returns

    Consultant to review online proposals, platforms, CRMS tools, website and more

    Budget Management How much you need to spend online. Too much spend gives more cost than returns, too less and you miss opportunity

    Mobile: 92370744, email: soumik@aaronline.sg

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    Soumik Chakraborty

    Founder & Online Entrepreneur

    Mob: 92370744

    Email: soumik@aaronline.sg