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Organ donation Awareness

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Understanding ORGAN DONATION


Organ Donation#GiftLife

A NoteOrgan transplant is one of the most significant developments in medical science till date. A life-saving treatment modality, millions of people around the world have successfully undergone organ transplant, the most common being kidney transplant. There are a million others enlisted for transplant and waiting for donors.

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1,50,000+Patients are on the waiting list for a new organ!

Unfortunately, the list is getting longer each day!!!!

1 in 50Only 1 in 50 patients are likely to get a new organ and a second chance to live!!!

Who can Donate?

A living person or A brain-dead person

(deceased donor) who has expressed his/her consent to donate organ can donate organs...

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Fact!A deceased donor can save up to 8 lives

Transplant MilestonesFirst successful Kidney transplant - Boston, USAFirst successful Liver transplant - Denver, USAFirst successful Lung transplant - Jackson, USA195419631963First successful Pancreas transplant - USA1966

Transplant MilestonesFirst living donor Lung transplant -Palo Alto,USA First successful small Intestine transplant - USAFirst full Face transplant - Barcelona, Spain196719912010First double Leg transplant - Valencia, Spain2011

Bring smile to someones life...Become an organ donor....Live beyond your life...Live through them#GiftLife

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