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  • 1. Cosmetic Surgery for Teens Why or why not should cosmetic surgery be allowed for teens Olivia Weiss Block B 11-6-11

2. Introduction

  • Plastic surgery is a special type of surgery that deals with the reconstruction of the face and body and can be used to improve a persons ability to function as well as their appearance and self-image.
  • It s a big boost to some girls self esteem, its becoming quite a graduation gift; its cheaper than a car and better than a fountain pen. -Dr. Lenny Rounder, plastic surgeon.

3. Why would parents allow the surgery to be done?

  • Benefits outweigh risks
  • It is up to the teen
  • Benefits
  • Risks

4. What are benefits involved in the surgery?

  • Improve a persons ability to function
  • Improve somebodys appearance and self esteem
  • Simple fix will make everything better
  • Makes them look better

5. What are risks involved in the surgery?

  • Self esteem and body image issues
  • Made fun of
  • Become obsessed with their body image
  • Side effects such as numbness blood clots and infections
  • Can turn out different
  • If teen is injured the outcome can change
  • The outcome is never guaranteed

6. What roles do others play in motivating the procedure being done?

  • Peer pressure the teen should say they want to keep their body real
  • Whats on the inside counts
  • Girls overly influenced by the media and others
  • Think about it all the time

7. Is the surgery more common in boys or girls?

  • Girls
  • More insecurities
  • Worry about what others think
  • Want everything fixed

8. Career

  • A psychologist is associated with cosmetic surgery for teens because teens could go to a psychologist to talk to about getting the procedure done or after it was done and why.
    • The salary is at entry level: $37,900 at average level $48,700-$82,800 and potential is at $106,840
    • This career will be available in the future increasing by 2% according to Career One Stop
    • Related careers are counselor, teachers and social workers

9. High School Career academies

  • I will be going to River Hill High School
  • I will research the Child Development academy program
  • I choose this academy because the careers eligible after this academy is taken, is a psychologist

10. Adelphi University

  • Located in Garden City, New York
  • Yearly tuition is $28,460
  • Program requirements are a high school deploma
  • 88% of the students are in-state, 78% of the students have a 3.0 GPA or higher, and the career I chose in this program leads to a bachelors degree

11. Community Service

  • I have worked at Grassroots in Columbia MD, Summer 2011. (made and served breakfast)
  • I did this to help the people living there. These people need the help and I wanted to help by serving them food.

12. Prior Job Experience

    • Babysitting
    • Worked in the Columbia Gym Day Care
    • (Clarksville MD)
    • Volunteered at the Iron Girl-handed out water bottles
    • (Columbia MD)
    • Accomplishments/awards:
    • Gold Honor roll, C.M.S, 2010

13. Citing